These Are The Kinds Of Oil You Can Use In Baking

You have to choose the kind that tastes right.

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Oil is one kitchen staple that can be used for both cooking and baking. For baking, it commonly replaces butter, shortening, or even lard in some cases but not always. 

When it comes to oils, there are many kinds that you can buy on the market. Most recipes will indicate the kind of oil used in the recipe but for those moments when the indicated oil is not the one you currently have, there are easy swaps you can use.  

When you do need an oil substitute, the best oil for baking is any neutral-tasting cooking oil. This is because the taste of the oil can affect your food. Never use used oil for baking unless you want your dish to taste like fish, chicken, pork, or even taste like bacon. (We have a bacon chocolate cupcakes recipe you may want to try!) Most chiffon cakes such as mamon and the taisan loaf use oil instead of butter but so do some chocolate cake recipes, too. 


If you want to know the difference between these kinds of oil, there isn't much difference other than what's it's made of and whether it will affect the taste of your cake. Here is a list of the different neutral-tasting oils you can use for baking:

1 Canola Oil 

This may be the most common cooking oil on the market because it has a high smoke point. A high smoke point is a reason why the most commonly used cooking oils all have this trait. Also known as rapeseed oil because it comes from a variety of rapeseed, this oil is a great neutral-tasting oil that can be interchanged with other oils when baking.  

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2 Vegetable Oil 

Vegetable oil is a general term that may or may not contain any of the following types of oils: canola, corn, coconut, palm, palm kernel, peanut, safflower, soybean, and sunflower oils. It can be a combination of these oils or it can be labeled as just "vegetable oil". 

Chiffon cake with cheese also known as a Taisan loaf cake.
Photo by Keith Sigua

3 Corn Oil 

Another popular cooking oil, this oil is made from corn. It too has a high smoke point which makes it ideal for cooking, especially for deep frying. It's more expensive than canola and vegetable oil but is neutral in taste to be used for baking. 


4 Coconut Oil 

The problem with coconut oil is that its taste can interfere with the flavor of whatever you are baking. While it's not an unpleasant taste, it can be a surprising taste if that flavor is not supposed to be there or is not complementary to the other flavors. 

However, if it is desired, feel free to use it as a substitute in your baking. Just note that it solidifies at low temperatures so that can affect your dish.    

5 Palm Oil 

The thing with palm oil is that it's an inexpensive oil. Like coconut oil, it solidifies at higher temperatures than other oil but in our tropical weather, it stays liquid. It can be processed to remain liquid, too, which makes it useful for cooking. 

Since this, too, is a neutral-tasting oil, it's a great alternative for oil in baking recipes and can even substitute butter when solid. 


6 Olive Oil 

The best reason to use olive oil is that you love its taste. It has a distinct taste, and this taste differs from vineyard to vineyard as well as from the kind of olive that is used. Its taste best complements savory dishes. That's why this olive oil is rarely used for baking unless you want its flavor to be a contributing factor in the recipe, such as in an olive oil cake recipe. 

Are there other kinds of oil that you prefer using? Remember that substituting ingredients can change a recipe or even affect the resulting dish but if a swap to another kind of oil is all that you will do, the change is a simple and easy baking substitute.   




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