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Meringue desserts are notoriously simple. It's notorious because the whipped egg whites are fragile ingredients. Make one wrong move and you may end up with a stiff mixture that is dry and unappetizing. This is a vital baking skill especially if you love brazo de mercedes. 

The main ingredient of a brazo dessert is the egg. Not only is the rolled cake made from the fluffy egg whites but the filling is an egg custard made from the egg yolks. It's a recipe that takes the egg and makes both the whites and the yolks the star of the dessert! 

For this reason, your next holiday get together will be the perfect time to showcase your baking skills, especially when you serve any of these brazo de mercedes recipes as the Noche Buena dessert:  

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1 Basic Brazo de Mercedes Recipe 

The classic version is full of baking lessons. You need to know how to best whip egg whites. You need to know how to then gently heat mixtures together so you end up with a creamy mixture, not a gritty one. You also need to learn patience and the tricks needed to be able to make a successfully rolled cake. 

These lessons are showcased in this recipe, and you can watch how it's done here.  

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2 All-Egg Brazo de Mercedes Recipe 

Not all brazo recipes use condensed milk. For this recipe, it's a simpler version that is all about the egg. In fact, it's so simple, you really just need two ingredients: eggs and sugar. The optional ingredients are the vanilla and the cream of tartar. Vanilla is a delicious aromatic ingredient that makes it taste even better while the cream of tartar guarantees that your eggs whites are whipped to their maximum fluffiest. 

If you love the eggs and know how to properly whip up egg whites, feel free to leave these optional ingredients out and use just the two ingredients to make this dessert. 

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3 Frozen Brazo de Mercedes Recipe 

What do you get when you combine two delicious desserts into one? You get this frozen version of the brazo. This cold dessert is a fantastic combination of fluffy meringue, ice cream, egg custard, and graham cracker crust. 

If your sweet tooth isn't satisfied with this glorious dessert, we're not sure anything will! 

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4 Frozen Ube Brazo de Mercedes Recipe 

If the frozen brazo got you super excited, you will be doubly excited to learn this can be made into an ube version. The bright purple hue and earthy taste of the ube halaya layer are sure to make your brazo craving disappear! 

Photo by Bianca Laxamana

5 Peanut Butter Choco Brazo Cupcakes Recipe  

You may be tired of the plain version of the brazo so if you want a delicious deviation from the original flavors, you can't go wrong with the peanut butter and chocolate version. This meringue cup is basically a brazo cupcake with a peanut butter ball placed in the center. You'll love the addictive and creamy center! 

Are you having problems with your egg whites? Read on to find out how you can best whip those egg whites to their tallest, fluffiest height! 


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