Everything You Need to Decorate a Pretty Cake

Decorating a cake at home? Make sure you have these tools!


You can make any cake pretty at home-all you need are a few essential tools. This checklist is for all the home-bakers who aspire to be the next Martha Stewart. Let's bake?


1  Offset spatula

Smooth out the top and sides of your cake in a jiffy with an offset spatula. The trick to a perfectly smooth buttercream-frosted cake? Dip your offset spatula in hot water, wipe it with a towel, and, in one motion, sweep the warm spatula over your frosting for a smooth finish. 


Trudeau baking tools are available in Gourdo's, Rustan's, and Landmark deparment stores. 


2  Cake turntable

Layered cakes are almost impossible to frost flawlessly without a cake turntable to prop it up on. Find afforable cake turntables online!  


3  Pastry bags and frosting tips

These pastry bags are surprisingly simple to use! Here's a quick hack to frosting cakes and cupcakes if you have no time to run out and restock your pastry bag supply.



Ateco has cake frosting kits that have several pastry bags and different kinds of frosting tips. Find them at Rustan's and Landmark department stores. 


4  Couplers

A coupler is what connects your pastry bag to your pastry tip. Wilton's Quick Twist Coupler Set makes switching tips easy and fuss-free. Find it at Gourdo's or at Rustan's department store. 


5  Tweezers

You worked so hard on making perfect frosting swirls on your cupcakes and smooth buttercream finishes on your layer cakes-why ruin them with clumsy hands? Carefully place your finishing touches (flowers, nuts, fruit, and other decor) with a pair of tweezer. Grab Ateco's decorating tweezers at Landmark department store. 


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