WATCH: Mistakes To Avoid When Making A Chocolate Cake

Are you making these baking mistakes?

Don't make these chocolate cake baking mistakes! The worst that can happen to any cake is that it failed because you made a mistake that could have been avoided. 

Many new bakers are not familiar with all of the baking tips and tricks that come with experience and that's why when it comes to baking, following a recipe is the best advice one can give to a new baker. Even with that advice, if you don't read the full recipe and learn the recipe before you even start, you won't have an intuitive mindset when you do start the recipe.

Intuition can niggle your mind if you didn't preheat the oven yet or you forgot to prepare your pans before making the batter. You might forget to sift all of the ingredients, including the baking soda and powdered sugar which both have a tendency to clump. Passing all your dry ingredients through a sieve will save you from a lumpy batter. You may also forget to rotate your cake pans once it's in the oven and wind up with cake layers that are lopsided or unevenly baked.  


Are you making any of these and other chocolate cake baking mistakes? 

Keep these mistakes in mind the next time you bake and avoid making them. Make your chocolate cake recipe into a fool-proof one so you will never have to suffer through a failed cake baking project ever again. 

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