Here's Everything You Can Do With Gardenia's New Choco Hazelnut Spread

Your choco-hazelnut addiction just became affordable.

IMAGE Courtesy of Gardenia

Who doesn’t love melted chocolate? We bet you're one of those people who dunks a spoon right into the jar. Thank heavens for whoever thought to make chocolate into a spread.

But chocolate spreads can be expensive. We, however, found a new chocolate spread that's affordable enough so you can binge eat: Gardenia Delicia Hazelnut Spread. One 200-gram jar is only P101. It even comes in a Milky Choco variant that's also the same price. It’s widely available, too, since you can get it at most leading grocery stores and convenience stores.

Though it's good enough on its own, sinfully scooping it out straight from the jar and into your mouth, there’s also a bunch of recipes you can make with it. Use these recipes for a delicious Noche Buena dessert or pack it as part of a wonderful food gift! 


1 S'more Sandwich Recipe

Warm and gooey marshmallows with melted chocolate melded together have got to be one of God’s gifts to man. In this recipe, you get a delightful sweet sandwich you can easily warm up in the toaster come lunch time—or any time, really.

Three of your favorite ingredients-chocolate-hazelnut spread, strawberries, and marshmallows-make up this awesome 'wich.

Photo by Patrick Martires

2 Chocolate-Chip Blondies Recipe


These thick blondies dotted with delicious chocolate reminds us a lot of chocolate chip cookies! Different from the cookies though, it’s much easier to make since it's baked all in one pan.

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This is the chocolate chip cookie you bake into squares.

Love brownies + chocolate chip cookies?

3 Banana Hazelnut French Toast Sandwich Recipe

Whip up this delicious, sweet breakfast in 20 minutes! The bananas and chocolate pairing is always a killer combo you can be sure will be gobbled up quick.


You can also try this with peaches or apples with cinnamon!

4 Funk Monkey Milkshake Recipe

We love a good, thick, creamy milkshake, and we bet you do, too. Add in the flavors of chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla and banana for a truly decadent sip. 

The combination of banana and Nutella makes this concoction a super cool sipper!


5 Chunky Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookies Recipe

Every bite of this cookie will send you to cookie heaven! It's got chocolate chips and chunks of hazelnuts already in it, so slathering on a layer of a chocolate-hazelnut spread between two cookies to make a cookie sandwich isn't too far fetched. Don't forget the milk!

This version is loaded with chocolate, nuts, and Nutella!


6 Chocolate-Hazelnut Banana Cream Pie Recipe

Turn the delicious duo of chocolate-hazelnut and bananas into a rich and creamy pie you can share with everyone. The best part about this? For those of you who just can’t wait, this pie is done in an hour. 

Chocolate and bananas is a match made in heaven!

Getting your chocolate-hazelnut fix just got easier and more affordable so there's less worry about budget and more worries about it running out too fast! You'll want to clean each jar with a spatula instead of a spoon, so you can enjoy every last bit.


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