Make Better Chocolate Chip Cookies With This Simple Ingredient

This is the kind of chocolate that will satisfy the serious chocoholic.

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When it comes to cookies, the most popular of all the cookies may just be the chocolate chip cookie. This American cookie creation will always be an instant hit with anyone who loves chocolate! There are chunks in every bite and depending on what kind of cookie it is, the chocolate can be deeply dark, silky and milky, creamy white chocolate, or all of these three kinds at the same time! You can get these chocolate chips, not just at baking supply stores, but in major supermarkets, too. 

However, we think there is a kind of chocolate that we think is the best kind of use for chocolate chip cookies. It's a much-debated point but for the true fans of this cookie, there can be no concessions when it comes to the chocolate.    

We know chocolate chips are the most obvious kind of chocolate to use in these iconic cookies but hear us out. The best kind of chocolate to use in chocolate chip cookies are chocolate you chopped from a bar.



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1 Chocolate chips contain more ingredients. 

Having more ingredients may sound like a good thing but it's not in this case. You want to have as few ingredients in your chocolate because this can determine how much actual chocolate is in it. That's what the percentages mean on your chocolate bars, how much real cacao went into the creation of your chocolate. The higher the number, the most cacao or chocolate is in it. That's why the higher percentages of cacao taste and looks so much darker than milk chocolate which has milk added to it. 


Chocolate chips meanwhile are actually chocolate that has additional ingredients added in to make sure that when formed, the chocolate chip will hold its upright shape. These ingredients are usually oil, fat, or butter. Since there are other ingredients in the chocolate to make up the chocolate, it actually has less actual chocolate in it than chocolate bars will have. Bars after all are flat and do not need to hold the flat-bottomed teardrop shapes that chocolate chips are usually formed into. 

If your goal is to have melty chocolate in every bite, even if it's not warm cookie, grab a chocolate bar that's at least 60% cacao and you'll be in chocolate nirvana. 

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2 Chopped chocolate comes in many sizes. 

Not only do chocolate bars have fewer additional ingredients, but since you're chopping the chocolate, you can control the size and the shapes of the chocolate chunks that you add to your cookies. You create variable rivulets of chocolate throughout your cookie instead of mini pockets of chocolate. Not only that, since the sizes are all different, every bite is different, tool. You can have a bite that might have a big chunk of chocolate or just a little. 

By using this kind of chocolate for your chocolate chip cookies, you will be able to satisfy even the most serious chocoholic. 


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