You Can Make These Frozen Desserts From Around The World

Let these frosty sweets help you out this summer.

One of the best things about summer is eating a cold dessert on a hot summer day, letting it cool you down from the inside out.  That kind of pleasure, we think, is universal, as you can find all sorts of frozen desserts from all the corners of the world. 

Photo by Aldwin Aspillera

1 France: Sorbet Recipe


Creamy, with a vibrant fruity flavor, don’t mistake sorbet or sherbet from ice cream. Made of syrup, ice, and fruit, a good sorbet typically contains no dairy.

Let the cool, fresh flavors of this mango sorbetes melt in your mouth.

Make a frosty and fruity sorbet minus the hassle of an ice cream maker!

2 Korea: Patbingsu

2017 saw the rise of delicious, cold, cream bingsu all over the nation. This shaved iced treat is not far from halo-halo. Bingsu consists of finely shaved ice, condensed milk and a variety of toppings. The first original form of bingsu is called “patbingsu.” “Pat” means red beans.


Patbingsu is a Korean dessert made of shaved ice, sweetened red beans, and other toppings. We added bilo-bilo for a Pinoy twist!

3 America: Baked Alaska

This dessert is stunning from start to finish. Cut into beautifully browned meringue to unveil chiffon and delicious, creamy, cold, ice cream. It’s an amazing combination of textures, temperatures, and tastes. From the warm airy meringue through the light chiffon to the creamy cold ice cream inside, it’s a textural as well as flavorful delight. Make sure to serve these ASAP!


A delicate white meringue shell filled layers of vanilla ice cream and lemon chiffon cake smothered with lemon curd and rum syrup.

Photo by Patrick Martires

4 Japan: Mochi Ice Cream

The Japanese love their mochi. Chewy, extremely tender rice cakes coat cold, creamy ice cream in this dessert. It’s a delicious, fun way to eat your ice cream, all made into little cute and colored balls. It’s also a fun activity to make with kids.


Make these sweet ice cream wrapped in pillow-soft dough frozen treats at home!

The Classic Affogato is a creamy, sweet treat with Starbucks' signature espresso
Photo by Starbucks

5 Italy: Affogato

Italians know good food. Putting together good espresso and good ice cream would, of course, result in something spectacular. For something so simple and easy, it’s ridiculously unforgettable. Sure, you can order it up at some coffee shops, but making it at home means having as much as you want!


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Here's a yummy idea: pour hot drinks over ice cream!

6 Mexico: Frozen Bananas

Bananas are always in season, which makes this fun, delicious treat perfect any time. With just a little chocolate, creativity, and a freezer to pop those chocolates in, you get a dessert that’s indulgent, fruity, creamy, and perfect for the hot weather.

Turn this simple fruit into something spectacular!

Celebrate summer with a cold, refreshing dessert to help you through. There’s no better time than now to make these amazing desserts.



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Cool down with these sweet treats.

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You can have ice cream any time you want.

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