8 Ways to Use Cream Cheese for Desserts

Cream cheese is an all-around ingredient for desserts.

Cream cheese is one of those ingredients that are super versatile and easy to use when it comes to desserts and baking. It is rich, indulgent, and tasty. You can use it in almost anything—from creamy cheesecakes to fluffy cake frosting. Cream cheese is especially useful in whipping up no-bake desserts, too.



Got a bar of cream cheese in your refrigerator? Try some of our favorite cream cheese recipes this weekend!


1 Cheesecakes

Cream cheese is the main ingredient for indulgent cheesecakes. Plus, the favorite red velvet flavor isn’t complete without cream cheese. 



2 Cake frosting

Pair cream cheese frosting with carrot cake, banana bread. red velvet cakes, and decadent chocolate cupcakes. 



3 Cheese tarts

Indulge in a batch of gooey, decadent, sweet and salty lava cheese tarts! Make sure that you half-bake them to get the perfect texture. 



4 Trifles

Use cream cheese to complement a local favorite flavor combo: ube and cheese! 




5 Brownies

Have you tried cream cheese in brownies yet? You’re missing out! 



6 Pancakes

In need of a light midday treat? Give pancakes a refreshing zing by slathering them with a delightfully tangy cream cheese filling.



7 Cake or brownie truffles

To make brownie truffles or cake truffles, all you have to do is mash brownie or cake crumbs with cream cheese. It’s quick and easy. 


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8 Tiramisu

Can’t get your hands on mascarpone cheese? Cream cheese makes a worthy substitute. Try our quick recipe: 


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