What Is The Magic Cake Recipe And Why You Need To Know About It

This cake gives you more layers than a leche flan cake will!

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Leche flan cake or also known as custard cake is a delicious cake. It's got two delicious layers in one cake: a soft cake layer and a creamy and milky layer on top that sauces itself with the caramel drip. 

However, there is another cake that trumps even this luscious cake because it's got not just two layers but three magnificent layers to enjoy in every bite. It's called a magic cake.    

Check out those layers!
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What is a magic cake? 

A magic cake or a gâteau magique as the French call it, is a one-bowl cake that when made and baked right, creates three distinct layers in the final cake: a soft cake, silky smooth custard, and on the bottom is what looks like a soft pie crust-like layer. It puffs up magnificently in the oven as it bakes and unlike some cakes, you have to remove the cake before it's completely set.

Just like meringue-based cakes, the just-baked cake will collapse from its puffed-up heights into what looks like an egg pie. However, it's nothing like an egg pie but the tips you learn when making an egg pie is similar and familiar.       

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Did you know that the magic cake has been going around the internet for years? The most popular post is from Jo Cooks who reposted the recipe on her blog in 2016 since it was still one of her most popular recipes

The magic happens when the cake batter sinks to the bottom of the pan and the egg whites float to the top.
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How do you make a magic cake? 

The wonder behind the cake batter of the magic cake is really the consistency of the cake. The cake batter itself is very liquid. Then there is the whipped egg whites which really create a puffed crinkly topping that you may find familiar if you have ever made an egg pie. It's the same technique of folding in the egg whites but not enough to completely mix it in. The key is to fold in just enough to create a semi-mixed egg white layer that floats on top of your cake batter. 


Since the cake batter is so liquid, the heavier ingredients will sink to the bottom while the lighter ingredients stay afloat. This is what creates the luscious layers. 

If you're curious how this cake is made, Jo Cooks has a great recipe to try, plus a chocolate and butterscotch version of the same incredibly magical cake.   


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