This Simple Decorating Hack Will Make Your Desserts Unbelievably Gorgeous

Thank you, GlamPop!

IMAGE Riell Santos

We found a genius hack for churning out the prettiest desserts out there. It makes everything easier, from clean-up all the way to prep time. One easy decorating go-to is the good old bag of rainbow sprinkles. But here lies the dilemma: you’ve probably used the same rainbow mix on all your desserts already.


Thankfully, the rainbow sprinkle gods have answered our prayers. Introducing: GlamPop, a world of full of beautiful sprinkles and every dessert lover’s dream! Decorating store-bought or homemade desserts has never been easier.



GlamPop makes mixes with different textures and color palettes that can match up to whatever event you’re baking for. There are chic metallic gold and silver sprinkles, bright unicorn-themed sprinkles, and even green and blue mermaid-themed sprinkles.


Owners Carmela Villegas-Agosta, Cynthia Patos, and Melissa Dimech, all entrepreneurs who specialize in designer sweets, teamed up to create designer sprinkles mixes that are a fun, versatile, unique for every creative home baker out there. 


"My favorite way to use GlamPop is to dress up any store-bought dessert like ice cream, doughnuts, or croissants!" says Carmela. 



Prepping for a weekend of entertaining or a potluck party you have to attend to? Throw some sprinkles on those desserts to make them extra fun and interesting. We tried them on: store-bought doughnuts, bars, cookies, and cupcakes. Check out the results below!


Store-bought cookies and bars. 



Store-bought cupcakes and doughnuts. 


Follow GlamPop on Instagram for more updates and place your orders through their website,


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