You Can Make Delicious Desserts Using Powdered Milk!

These milky sweets are simply heavenly.

If you’ve got a kid in the house or if milk is simply one of your favorite drinks, you most likely always have powdered milk in your pantry. Unlike fresh milk, powdered milk doesn’t spoil easily so you can stock it and use when you need it most! It’s also what makes powdered milk such a superbly convenient ingredient. Powdered milk offers all the goodness of milk without having to experience the unpleasant surprise of spoilt, curdled milk.

In these recipes, we used powdered milk to make creamy, milky, and delicious treats. Because you most likely have shelf-stable powdered milk at any given moment, you’ll also be able to whip up these sweet treats any time you’ve craving something milky. 

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1 Basic No-Cook Pastillas Recipe


Everybody knows that the heart of any no-cook pastillas recipe is powdered milk and just two more common ingredients: condensed milk and sugar! Can you believe it? Just three ingredients! You never have to buy pastillas again. You can have milky, creamy bites whenever you want in as little time as you need to mix these three ingredients together.

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Love this milky Filipino treat? Watch our video to see how easy it is to make it.

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2 Matcha Pastillas Recipe


Give your favorite pastillas a twist with a little matcha. It makes all the difference. The bitter note of matcha lends an earthy, balancing note to usually too-sweet pastillas. If you’re also planning to give away pastillas (which is always a brilliant gift), then adding matcha powder makes it a little more special.

Infuse green tea flavors in your favorite Filipino treat, pastillas!

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3 Salted Caramel Pastillas Recipe


It’s a well-known phenomenon that a little salt can make your sweets even sweeter in the best way possible. Add in your bittersweet creamy notes of caramel and you’ve got a well-balanced pastillas recipe.

You can take a well-loved snack and add salted caramel flavors!

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4 Ube Pastillas Recipe

Love ube? Incorporate it into your pastillas. Not only will it lend its flavor to the candy, but you’ll also have that delightful purple color! To get the best tasting results, choose your favorite brand of ube.


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You will love this milky treat laced with ube flavors!

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5 Pastimallows Recipe

You can do more than just new flavors to your pastillas; you can also add another texture! In one bite, you get the crunchy sugary coating that gives way to the tender, melt-in-your-mouth pastillas that ends in that fun, chewy, and fluffy bite of marshmallow. It’s impossible not to love this sweet treat.


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Your favorite Pinoy snack, pastillas, gets a fun upgrade.

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6 Pastillas Cake Recipe

You can also go beyond having pastillas as a tiny treat. By using milk powder in your icing, you can churn out a delicious and beautiful pastillas cake! Have a birthday coming up soon? Bookmark this sure-win!

Turn your fave Pinoy treat into a festive cake!

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Love pastillas? Turn the Pinoy favorite into a decadent cake!

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7 Strawberry Scramble Recipe


Powdered milk is also one of the most delightful components of the Pinoy strawberry scramble. When you’re having it outside, the amount of powdered milk the vendor adds never feels like enough. If you make it at home, you can add some more of it whenever you finish a layer of the toppings. Fun!

This strawberry scramble recipe is exactly what you need for a quick afternoon cool-down.

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8 Pull-Apart Monggo Bread Recipe


Powdered milk sets apart this bread recipe! The milk powder is used in making the sticky, sweet, and creamy glaze that coats each fluffy piece of bread.

This homemade bread recipe is flavored with monggo or sweetened red beans.

If you never got over your love for milk, these recipes are simply heavenly. They’re easy-to-make, nostalgic treats that hit the spot each time. As long as you keep powdered milk stocked, you’ll always be have something milky and creamy to use.


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