7 Fun + Easy Desserts To Make On Weekends

Bring your family and friends together for something amazing.

How do you choose to celebrate your weekends? For us, the answer is quite obvious: celebrations mean desserts! The weekend is the perfect chance to take your time and make something wonderful for you and your family and desserts fit the bill perfectly. You can even enlist the help of friends, family, especially kids, in the fun process of making your dessert.

We’ve gathered a list of desserts that are easy to make, with ingredients easy enough to source, that you can make on a weekend. Ready to give these a try? 

1 Chocolate Marble Banana Bread Recipe

This isn’t just a no-fail, delicious banana bread recipe—it’s a low-key dessert recipe that you can make on a weekend and enjoy throughout the week. Who doesn’t love having chocolate every day?

Also, check out our tips on making the best banana bread ever so you can make an incredibly rewarding batch.

Photo by Patrick Martires

2 Banana Cake with Salted Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

Since weekends are about having time on your hands, why not give a little more effort to create an indulgent cake? You’ll not only get bold flavors in big, happy slices of cake but also get a really pretty cake you’d enjoy photographing for the world to see.


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3 Calamansi Muffins Recipe

Don’t have time to fly out to Boracay on your long weekend? Why not just have a slice of it that doesn’t cost a fortune? These nostalgic calamansi muffins will bring you back memories of classic Boracay! You can also try to turn it up with some coconut flavor. You’ll definitely love the perfectly sweet, tangy, tart, and moist muffins.

Photo by Aldwin Aspillera

4 Bread Pudding Recipes

Address that growing stack of old bread in your refrigerator this weekend! You won’t just free up some space in your freezer, you’ll also be getting a really scrumptious dessert. You can follow this chocolate pudding recipe, an ensaymada bread pudding recipe, a doughnut pudding recipe, but also, you can choose not to follow a recipe at all! We’ve got tips for you on how to turn any amount of bread into pudding as well.

Photo by Majoy Siason

5 Leche Flan Cheesecake Recipe

Impressing friends and loved ones has never been this easy. This delicious, no-frosting cake is sure to please everyone. Its perfect ratio of decadent, velveteen leche flan on top, with its bittersweet caramel, perfectly balanced by the light, tangy Japanese cheesecake it sits on.


Although making this recipe is quite easy, it does take some time to cool down. We suggest making in this morning so you can have a delightful, mid-afternoon merienda.

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

6 Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Chocolate chip cookies are classic for a reason: it’s a treat everyone loves! Unlike most dessert recipes though that you can easily buy at a pastry shop, you often can’t buy a freshly baked, warm cookie! Trust us, nothing’s quite as good as a chocolate chip cookie straight from the oven! There’s that delightful chewy softness but also warm, gooey chocolate.

With this special chocolate chip cookie, brown butter makes all the difference. You’ll get that slightly nutty, deeper flavor. Another tip is you can freeze raw, cookie dough balls in your freezer. You can quickly pop them out and bake in the oven for a fresh batch of cookies during those busy weekdays when you just need a treat!

Photo by Rico Jose

7 Peaches and Cream French Toast Recipe

This extremely easy recipe is both dessert and brunch. So, go ahead, sleep in, and start the day right with this french toast. 

Another great thing about baking up something great on weekends? It’s time well-spent because it’s rewarding in so many ways. You get that sense of productivity, you get to bring people together, all the while doing a mindful activity that’s great for your mental health. What’s not to love? So, on your next weekend (especially long, staycation weekends!), try having a dessert project in mind. You’ll have so much fun.

Don’t like washing too many dishes? Try these one-bowl dessert recipes out.

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