These Desserts Are All Topped With Leche Flan

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Any dessert that has leche flan in it, on it, or is added to it can be an instant lure. The egg custard is undoubtedly delicious! It's creamy, sweet, and can literally melt in your mouth when made just right. 

The custard is easy to make, too! You probably have ingredients to make it right now if you stock your kitchen with these basic ingredients: eggs, evaporated milk, and condensed milk. Want to flavor it the traditional way? Zest a dayap or lime and add it to the custard batter. You can also add vanilla extract to give it more flavor and aroma, too! 

If you are a fan of this silky dessert, here are recipes to try at home made with a decadent layer of leche flan on top: 

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1 Leche Flan Cake Recipe 

Also known as a custard cake, this chiffon-based cake is a two-layered baking wonder. That's because it's a cake that creates two layers at the same time. The leche flan or the custard batter is made first and is then topped with the cake batter. The cake batter should be light enough to float on top of the leche flan batter so when it's baked, the two layers are created. It's like magic in the oven! 

You can make a classic vanilla chiffon cake as its base or you can try any of these delicious flavor hacks to the original recipe using either an ube, coffee, or a mango cake instead. You can even make a puto cake topped with leche flan for a Pinoy dessert mash-up that's sinfully delicious! 

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2 Mango Float With Leche Flan Recipe 

The classic no-bake dessert composed of mangoes, cream, and graham crackers just got leveled up! Just imagine it as a two-layered dessert topped with an irresistible layer of creamy leche flan! You still get the same mango graham cake you already love. It's just a lot better with the creamy custard on top.

How can anyone resist this? We know we can't! 

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3 Ube with Leche Flan Recipe 

Oh, yes it is! This is just a leche flan flavored with ube. This has got an entire layer of ube halaya for you to spoon with each bite. You get a doubly creamy dessert in one dish. 

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4 Leche Puto Recipe 

This is another one of those amazing recipes that make you think, "How did they do that?" In this case, it's a tiny bite-sized buttery steamed rice cake topped with a bit of steamed egg custard. You can even make the puto into an ube version to make it extra special, particularly for the holidays! 


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5 Leche Flan Doughnut Recipe 

This isn't exactly topped with leche flan but it sure looks like it is! This decadent doughnut recipe is an otherwise normal doughnut recipe made extra appetizing and delicious. The centers of these doughnuts are partially cut out to make room for the leche flan to snugly fit into the spot. Spoon on some liquid caramel, and you've got a doughnut that's begging for you to taste! 


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6 Leche Flan Tablea Cupcakes Recipe

Cakes are not the only soft and fluffy dessert topped with leche flan. Make a miniature-sized cake or cupcake and add a creamy custard on top. Drizzle on the liquid caramel or you can make a caramel sauce to spoon on top of each cupcake right before it's served for extra appeal. 


Want to level up a cupcake? Just cut out cupcake-sized leche flan rounds and place it on top of your existing cupcake! 

There are more dessert ideas to come up with and different ways to flavor leche flan if you want to jazz up these recipes even more. Try making flavored leche flan recipes for those special occasions when you want to impress your family and friends or even try using alternative ways of making it, too. The creme brulee is one dessert that is very similar to the leche flan but instead of a liquidy caramel, it's got a sugar crystal layer that you can break into shards. 

Give any of these a try and see if you aren't even more of a fan of the dessert than you already are now. 


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