10 Nutella Recipes To Make Dessert Even More Delicious

Make every dessert extra sinful!
open nutella jar with spoon
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Nutella (properly pronounced nou-tel-a or /noo·teh·luh/ ICYDK) is an addictive and admittedly delicious sandwich spread. What started off as another way to use up hazelnuts from the creator of the Ferrero-Rocher candies has become an international sensation that has made hazelnuts and the name a household name. (FYI: The same person who created Nutella also made Ferrero Rocher chocolate, so, it’s safe to say that the chocolate hazelnut filling is actually Nutella, too.)

It’s delicious, addictive, and lusciously decadent, so if you’re a Nutella addict, celebrate World Nutella Day every February 5 with dessert recipes with Nutella

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Want to prepare properly with your jar of Nutella? Here are Nutella recipes to try: 

1 Nutella-Banana French Toast Recipe

nutella banana french toast recipe image
Photo by Rico Jose

This toast recipe is a classic way to enjoy it beyond just spreading it on a slice of bread. Level things up with bananas but you can also level up the toast part as well. Dip in a slightly sweetened egg and milk batter and fry until golden. You can even use a thick slice to really make the bread centers more custardy as it absorbs the egg batter. You can even add nuts to the top, too, after drizzling Nutella over the toast and bananas! 


2 Mango Crepes Recipe with Vanilla Ice Cream and Nutella Sauce

Breakfast can offer a variety of dessert opportunities! Crepes are basically very thin pancakes, and these make fabulous meals with different kinds of toppings and sauces. To make this into a decadent dessert, crepes are served with fruit slices like mangos, a scoop of ice cream, and a silky chocolate sauce made with nutty Nutella

3 Nutella-Dulce de Leche Spread Recipe

nutella dulce de leche spread on pandesal with bananas
Photo by Patrick Martires

Dulce de leche is a thick creamy spread, too, like Nutella but instead of chocolate and hazelnuts, it’s made with sweetened creamy milk. So, imagine mixing these two delicious spreads together and you get this decadent spread you can spread or drizzle as desired. 


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4 Nutella Brioche Trifle Recipe

nutella brioche parfait trifle recipe image
Photo by Dairy Darilag

Need an easy way to make dessert but have no oven? This awesome and easy dessert is going to make you a winner in the eyes of those who eat these confections! That’s bread cubes spread with spicy strawberry jam and Nutella and layered with sweetened creamy cheese. Plus, whipped cream. Grab a fork and don’t expect to share these dessert glasses! 

5 Nutella Brownies Recipe 

nutella brownies recipe baked chocolate dessert
Photo by Riell Santos

Brownies are already decadent so imagine how much more these chocolate fudgy bars would be if you stirred Nutella into the bars. Not only are these infused with Nutella in the bars themselves, but it’s also piped on top so you get a double dose of the spread with every bite. If you aren’t addicted to the spread before taking a bite of these bars, you might be after! 


6 Banana Nutella Bars Recipe 

Banana and chocolate is a delicious combination so these soft and addictive bars are not out-of-this-world unexpected. These banana brownies, for lack of a better description, are slathered with Nutella and topped with extra chopped nuts. How’s that for decadent? 

7 Banana Nutella Muffins Recipe 

banana nutella muffins in cupcake liners and cooling rack recipe image
Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

We’re not sure you can get tired of bananas in dessert! These super-soft banana muffins may seem normal until you take a bite or break them open. Then you’ll see that these muffins are swirled with a dollop of Nutella on each. 

8 Nutella Strawberry Mousse Pie Recipe 

Strawberry Nutella Mousse pie recipe image
Photo by Lilen Uy

We know chocolate and bananas are delicious but so are chocolate and strawberries! When you add the nutty element that Nutella brings to the chocolate party, then you know that you have a dessert that’s truly sinful. This mousse cake takes Nutella and strawberries to a flavor party that will burst with every bite you take. 

9 Nutella Loaf Cake Recipe 

nutella loaf cake recipe image
Photo by Patrick Martires

Yes! This cake is small enough for small families but big enough to satisfy even their big appetites for anything with Nutella. This loaf cake recipe has it in the cake as well as in the silky frosting that is on top of these slices. 


10 Nutella Cheesecake Recipe 

nutella cheesecake recipe image
Photo by Bianca Laxamana

See this slice? You have Nutella in the cheesecake center as well as a silky Nutella ganache on top! If you love cheesecake and want another version to try, this double Nutella cheesecake is your next baking project to try this weekend! 

How addicted are you to Nutella? So are we so we totally believe you should try these recipes as well as others that might titillate your taste buds. 

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