You Can Use Cereal To Make These Delicious Desserts

Cereal is considered mostly as a breakfast food. It's commonly crunchy wheat pieces, usually sweetened or tossed in a sweetened coating to give it flavor as well as a color. It's visually appealing, especially for kids!

However, cereal can be more than just breakfast food which you may eat in a bowl with milk. It can be an ingredient for no-bake desserts or even a substitute coating for breadcrumbs when you're making crunchy fried chicken or fish fingers.

The easiest way to use cereal as dessert is really to just eat it as is. After all, it's sweetened, it's crunchy, and it's flavored. That's not fun, though.

If you want to level up your cereal from a boring bowl of soggy wheat bits into a more delectable plate of delicious treats, here are the desserts you can make using cereal:

This cake has your favorite breakfast cereal, ground up into a fine powder, baked into its layers.
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1 Cereal Cake Recipe 

You need to celebrate something with this gorgeous yet easy layer cake. The cornflakes used in this recipe is not only on the cake, but it's in the cake, too. It's a wonderful cornflake-flavored touch that anyone who loves cereal would love to eat. You can even use it to decorate your cakes! 

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2 Marshmallow Cereal Bars Recipe

What makes this cereal treat such a winner is the fact that not only is it a no-bake recipe, it's easy to make. Plus, it helps that it's incredibly delicious and addictive, too. 


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3 Cereal Panna Cotta Recipe 

A panna cotta is really just a soft gulaman that jiggles and wiggles with the slightest bump of your plate. It's its signature move! The panna cotta is a lighter version of a leche flan and there's no steaming involved, too. The cereal in this is infused in the milk so top it off with some cereal pieces to show exactly what they'll be tasting when you serve this pretty elegant dessert. 


4 Matcha-Cornflake Almond Clusters Recipe 

Matcha, or green tea powder, has a loyal following and those who love the slightly bitter but strong flavor of the tea will love these cereal treats. Tossed in melted white chocolate flavored with the tea powder, these clusters make perfect snacks to serve with coffee or hot tea for merienda. 


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5 Peanut Butter Crisp Bars Recipe

Rice crispies is a classic cereal that, unless tossed in powdered sugar or is made with chocolate, has little to no flavor. What's great about it is the fact that its an incredibly crispy cereal. That's why these crisp bars are fantastic. It's crispy and chewy at the same time and the peanut butter is stirred right in to make it delicious. The layer of chocolate just elevates this great cookie bar into a school time treat everyone will want. 


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Cereal isn't just for desserts! If you're not in the mood for something sweet and have unsweetened cornflakes in the kitchen you want to use, here are other ideas to try: 

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