6 Different Fruits To Use In Your Desserts

Take advantage of all the fruits available at the fruit stand!

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Mangoes may be the most delicious fruit you have ever tasted, and you may be right. We agree it's a fantastic fruit, and it's no wonder how many bakers use this local fleshy fruit in their desserts. Bananas and pineapples are also plentiful and unlike the mangos, are available all year round in its many varieties.  

However, if you have always wondered if there are other fruits you can use when you make your desserts, believe us when we say there are many other fruits on the fruit stand and on shelves you can use. 

Here are a few fruit-ful ideas that might inspire you to do more with the fruits:

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1 Strawberries 

It's easy to forget that we have local strawberries that are just as readily available as mangoes. However, it can get a little pricey when it's not in season so that's why it's a good idea to take advantage of when it is. 

These bright red tear-drop shaped fruits are highly fragrant and the basis of many mouth-watering desserts. Grab a pack at the fruit stand but if you are cooking it or using it as a puree, head for the frozen food section and select a bag of frozen strawberries instead. These were picked at the height of their ripeness and would make a great substitute for fresh when pureed. Plus, it's just as delicious and bright red. 

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2 Lychees  

Just like strawberries, you can find the fresh and a can of lychee (or litchi, lichee, or litchi). You can even find lychee-flavored drinks which would be wonderful when used to make a flavored leche flan or for making into a syrup to drizzle. In the case of cakes, you'll find that you'll love using this already sweet fruit in the filling or even in the frosting of your cakes. 

If you want to use it in no-bake desserts, take a page from this delicate panna cotta recipe and see exactly how delicious this fruit can be. 

Photo by Aldwin Aspillera

3 Watermelons 

When the summer months are upon us, we know it's time for the melons! Watermelons, in particular, are great to eat as is, sliced or liquified into a shake, but it can get some love from us, too, when you use it for a dessert recipe. 

Watermelons are packed with liquid and while it's flavor is fresh, it's also subtle. To maximize the use of this fruit, you can puree chunks and simmer it down into a coulis you can use to drizzle onto any number of desserts! Just imagine a molten vanilla lava cake with a drizzle of watermelon syrup to take it over the top, and you get what we mean. 

Photo by Bianca Laxamana

4 Melons

Just like the watermelons, summer months mean these round fruits are plentiful and when it's this plentiful, you need to take advantage of these since they'll be both highly available and inexpensive. Melons are definitely a summer treat and while you can get these as a shake or juice, you can do more with these in no-bake desserts. Ice candy is fantastic during the summer but why not use these for a creamy sago recipe, too? 

Photo by Bianca Laxamana

5 Avocado 

Avocados are creamy delicious fruits that need to be used more often in desserts. You can, of course, eat it as is or drizzle with a little condensed milk, but we think there are other uses for this fruit other than for guacamole or avocado toast. 

Sweeten this creamy fruit and make it into this easy avocado cheesecake cup or pour it into a cake pan to make a more traditional looking cheesecake. You can even make a creamy ice cream or a shake that's so decadent, it's a dessert you can drink. You can even use the creamy, fatty avocado as a replacement for butter in cakes! 

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6 Peaches 

Fresh peaches are imported and this automatically means it will be pricey. What's the alternative? Canned peaches! These succulent fruits are just as versatile to use in a number of ways! 

A refrigerator cake with its creamy layers is perfect for making an easy peaches and cream dessert but it's just as delicious as the filling of crepes, substitute for pineapples in an upside down cake, or even the topping of toast.  

We have many different kinds of fruits available to us so don't limit yourself to the fruits that you would normally use. Why not take a chance and see how creative you can become when you have a different kind of fruit to use for dessert? 



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