Destress By Baking These Easy + Delicious Recipes

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If you have ever baked anything before, you would know how much calmer, less stressful it is to bake rather than cook. 

How can baking lessen your stress? 

One of the ways it can be calming is the process. Baking, unlike cooking, goes at a much slower pace. You don't need to be constantly stirring as you stir fry. You don't need to hover over your food as it fries to crunchy perfection. You also don't need to add ingredients to the pot, so that each ingredient is cooked at the right time.   

The procedure is less hectic. You need to gather all the ingredients and then measure out each one. There is no time element to this part of the process. Take your time as needed to do this right since baking is a science and most of the ingredients have an important part to play in the finished product. Plus, you have to allow your oven to heat up to the right temperature. Do this too fast, and you may find your oven isn't ready for you to use it.   


Finally, there is that time when it is in the oven. You need to wait for your batter or dough to bake properly. Your patience will be tested  because even straight-from-the-oven cookies need a minute or two to firm up well enough to pick up and bite into.

If you're making cakes or cupcakes that have a need for frosting, you have to wait even longer for the cake and cupcakes to cool down completely or else, your frosting will melt. 

Baking can be the destressing activity to keep you sane! You can bake and let yourself chill for a few hours during times when life is too hectic and eventful. Take a moment and look through a few baking recipes that can be a source of your calm: 

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1 Mamon Recipe 

A classic cake recipe doesn't need to have many ingredients. This mamon recipe is a classic chiffon cake recipe made into individual tins. You can even use this same recipe to make taisan cupcakes, cheesy taisan loaves, or even a yema cake dripping with yema spread

This easy cake recipe is a classic one that you can try making so that once you know you can make it, you have the basic recipe to make into other recipes, too.     


2 Banana Custard Pie Recipe 

Who said that baking needs to be done with an oven? Some recipes don't need an oven, and this is a great example of using the baking process for a no-bake recipe. If you have bananas that need to be used up, this is a great recipe to use it on! Use any standard graham cracker crust recipe mixed with some cocoa powder for the base of this recipe. Then just layer the bananas, cooked custard, and melted chocolate to make a decadent pie. 

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3 Funfetti Cookies Recipe 

The sprinkles on these cookies are what makes it super fun to make! Plus, with all those rainbow sprinkle colors, how can you not be more cheerful? The colors just aren't what makes these cookies so fun! This is a standard cookie recipe that you can make the way you like it. Just remove or swap out the almond extract and use another extract as you like! You can even make it without the sprinkles and use instead colored sugar, crushed cookies, or even plain chocolate sprinkles.   

Photo by Riell Santos

4 Coconut Macaroons Recipe  

If you make homemade gata, know that you can do more with the niyog than to throw it out. You can use it to make coconut macaroons! This is a great way to use what some people might just throw out! Instead, the coconut gets a second life as a decadent dessert. 

No niyog? Desiccated coconut is a great alternative to fresh niyog! You just need to rehydrate it by adding the moisture back into the coconut. How? Add just enough water for it to absorb, then when plump again, use as directed in the recipe. 

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5 Nutella Brownies Recipe 

Brownies are super decadent and are instant winners in everyone's book. While you can make a basic fudgy brownie recipe, you can step the flavor up a notch or two with the addition of Nutella, the chocolate hazelnut spread that has a cult following. It helps that this recipe is a super easy one-bowl recipe, too. 

Photo by Patrick Martires

6 Cheese Cupcakes Recipe 

This is probably one of the first cupcakes you tasted as a kid. These Filipino cupcakes are really cheese muffins made sweeter than normal and that's exactly why we love them so much!You can even level up the cheese cupcake with ube

Baking can the calm activity you can do in the kitchen. Let these recipes help you destress. Besides, the reward is sweet!    


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