Easy Bread Recipes You Can Make To Start The Morning Right

Freshly-made bread is the best way to start your day.

Waking up to the aroma of freshly baked bread is one of the most wonderful wakeup calls you can have. The earthy flavors, the yeast, and the fresh-baked smell is as heartwarming as it is a wonderful greeting of a new day.     

If you eagerly anticipate the day with happy thoughts just because your breakfast started with some freshly baked bread, you need to learn some easy bread recipes. 

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1 Pandesal Recipes

Translated, pandesal, or pan de sal, means “salt bread”. However, the years and our taste buds had other ideas when we developed and made this bread into our own. Slightly sweetened rather than salted, the Filipino pandesal is the everyday bread that we use to dunk into a cup of kape, slather with butter or drizzle with condensed milk, or stuff with our preferred palaman. This easy bread recipe is the classic bread you need to learn first before you attempt mixing it with malunggay or stuffing it with cheese. 

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2 Homemade Loaf Bread Recipes

This loaf bread recipe is perfect for making into sandwiches! This isn’t your tasty bread recipe but it’s a super fluffy one made more tender and delicious using a Chinese technique called the “tangzhong” method. This bread-making technique of mixing flour and boiling water together to make a sticky paste made with water instead of fat. It’s this that makes these bread loaves so fluffy soft and delicious. It’s also the technique responsible for the super tender Hokkaido bread loaves

Use the same technique to make these bread loaves or these addictive cheese bread rolls. 

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3 No-Knead Cheese Bread Recipe  

If there was one bread recipe you should know about, it’s this one. This bread recipe requires little to no kneading. All you have to do is just the ingredients together to form a dough, cover, and then allow the bread to sit overnight in the refrigerator before placing it in a hot pot and a hot oven to rise and bake. The secret to this bread baking technique is time and by allowing it to slowly rise overnight, it does the “kneading” for you. Knead it a little to incorporate the cheese or whatever mix-in you want to add. That’s all the hard work you’ll need to do! 


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Photo by Riell Santos

4 Spanish Bread Recipe  

These rolls are stuffed with a sweet filling. Commonly found in your local panaderia, these stuffed rolls are probably as popular as the pandesal! When you want to have bread that is already stuffed with something delicious and sweet, these is the bread you will want to have on the table.

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5 Cheese Ensaymada Recipe           

When it comes to classic bread, the ensaymada is one of those traditional breads that was the original soft and pillowy buns we adored and loved. It had the popular salty-sweet combination going for it before salted caramel became a global sensation!


For this bread recipe, it’s what’s called an enriched dough. It’s a little more advanced than other basic bread recipes but it’s still easy. The big difference is the addition of eggs and butter into the dough to make it taste and feel richer than your every day bread. This soft and tender bread recipe and its technique is what’s used to make that other French bread, the brioche.  

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6 Doughnut Recipes 

If there was ever a bread recipe that you could make that’s a no-bake recipe, the doughnut would be the best contender. The doughnut is actually a bread dough and bread dough can be fried! The biggest difference between the two is that one is baked and the other is fried. A few changes here and there to make a dough that’s soft and delicious, and you don’t have to wait too long for the bread to bake. 

If you don’t have an oven but want some bread anyway, fried dough or doughnuts are the perfect bread recipe to try.   



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