9+ Easy Gelatin Desserts Anyone Can Make!

You'll be hooked by these gelatin recipes.
summer gelatin dessert with trawberries in a clear glass cup

Updated on November 8, 2023 by Camille Georgia Uy.

Once you get the hang of making gelatin, it easily becomes your no-bake dessert best friend. You can use it to make gorgeous translucent gelatin, a refreshing cooler, an airy mousse, a creamy panna cotta, or a scrumptious no-bake cheesecake.

Here are some of our best gelatin recipes for you to try: 

1 Summer Gelatin Recipe

summer gelatin with strawberries and raspberries in a clear glass

The translucent, melt-in-your-mouth jelly is given a more interesting texture, thanks to delicious nata de coco. With summer coming our way, be sure to note this summer gelatin recipe down!

2 Strawberries And Cream Gelatin Recipe

strawberries and cream gelatin slice on a white plate
Photo by Majoy Siason

Suspended in creamy panna cotta are cubes of tart and sweet strawberry jellies. This strawberries and cream gelatin recipe not just easy, it’s also a great dessert to serve at a party as well!

3 Cathedral Windows Recipes

cathedral window bar on a white plate
Photo by Riell Santos

Cathedral Windows is a classic Filipino dessert that is always impressive. Virtually effortless, the only challenge to this dish is giving it enough time to set. You can make the classic Cathedral Windows in a bundt pan, turn them into these Cathedral Window Bars, or even these cut Cathedral Window Cups!


4 Creamy Fruit Bowls

creamy gelatin in a clear glass bowl with scalloped edges
Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

This creamy fruit bowls recipe takes the simple fruit salad up a notch. Give everyone a perfect serving of creamy gelatin loaded with fruits.


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5 Pineapple Jelly in a Jar Recipe

beach in a cup gelatin dessert
Photo by Majoy Siason

The sweet and tangy flavor of pineapple is the perfect flavor profile for gelatin, so that’s what we did for this delicious pineapple in a jar recipe. Styled adorably to look like a beach in a jar, you’ve got an easy dessert that everyone is sure to love. 

6 Melon Gelatin with Sago Recipe

Melon sago layered in a clear glass cup
Photo by Charlie Altomonte

With the mellow and fruity flavor of melon and the interesting texture of sago, this gelatin treat is a sure winner! The fresh melon and creamy gelatin and sago layers of this melon gelatin with sago not only go well together; they’re so easy to assamble, too!


7 Mocha Coffee Jelly Recipe

mocha coffee jelly in clear cups on a light blue background

You can even buy ready-made coffee jelly to make this already-easy recipe even easier. For those hot summer days when you don’t want to compound the heat, why not have this mocha coffee jelly instead of your normal cup of joe?

8 Buko Pandan Recipes

buko pandan cooler on a wooden board
Photo by Riell Santos

Buko and pandan are simple flavors made for each other. It’s been tested time and time again as buko pandan desserts continue to be a hit at every single party, so you can be sure that this buko pandan recipe will be a sure favorite wherever you bring it. You can even spruce it up with your favorite fruits, like this buko pandan with mango recipe or these delicious buko pandan cooler recipe!


9 No-bake Cheesecake Recipes

oreo cheesecake bars

Making cheesecakes can sound intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be — especially when you can make no-bake cheesecakes! You can opt for this fresh and creamy no-bake strawberry cheesecake, go classic with this sinfully delicious no-bake blueberry cheesecake recipe, or make this chocolatey no-bake oreo cheesecake!


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