These Desserts Prove You Need To Make Gulaman A Kitchen Staple

Easy, no-bake desserts are winners!

Easy no-bake desserts using gulaman make instant desserts! You have to love the different colors and flavors you can play around with in the kitchen when making gulaman recipes. 

One of the best things about using gulaman instead of gelatin is that when prepared right, the jelly mixture cools down fast and hardens just as fast, too. Plus, gulaman sets at room temperature so you don’t have to place it in the refrigerator at all. You don’t need to wait as much time as you would if you were to use gelatin.

That’s why we think gulaman should always be available in your kitchen. You just never know when guests will drop by and you have only an hour or two at most to prepare! That’s the beauty of gulaman! It’s fast and easy to work with and easily mixed with other ingredients to become a dessert that’s set and ready to serve in less than an hour. 

Gulaman, in case you’re unfamiliar with it, is the gelatin from agar algae, a seaweed also known as China grass. Gulaman is the gelatinous substance extracted from the seaweed by boiling it. This is then processed into either sheets or powder. This means that anyone, including your vegetarian friends, won’t have a problem eating and falling in love with any of these no-baked chilled desserts. 

Buko Pandan in glass cups
Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

1 Buko Pandan Recipe 

This is creamy, fresh, and packed with lots of buko pandan gulaman cubes and coconut strips. To level up the flavors of this deceptively complex dessert, sweet corn kernels are added to add another dimension of flavor. It is fast and easy to make!


If you always have a package of gulaman in your kitchen, you can make this easy with a short trip to the talipapa for the coconut strips and pantry essentials: all-purpose cream, condensed milk, a can of sweet corn kernels, and the gulaman. Plus, if you have kids, this no-bake dessert is easy for them to do all on their own! They can even cut out shapes from the set gulaman to create fun star, square, triangle, and other pretty shapes!

Cathedral Window Bars
Photo by Riell Santos

2 Cathedral Window Bars Recipe 

Everyone knows the classic cathedral windows dessert. It’s a stunning molded “cake” where the multicolored cubes of gulaman peak out from the milky gelatin, creating a pop of color that’s not unlike its namesake, a cathedral’s stained glass windows. You can use gulaman for the classic version but just in case you don’t have the mold, you can use any container instead or make this version that you can cut into bars. 


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No-Bake Mango Cheesecake Bars
Photo by Riell Santos

3 No-Bake Mango Cheesecake Bars Recipe 

Cheesecakes are notorious for being intimidating to make. Don’t be intimidated, especially if the recipe you’ll be making is this no-bake cheesecake recipe! For this recipe, you’ll need both kinds of jelly: gelatin and gulaman. The gelatin is perfect since it easily mixes with the cream cheese mixture for the cake. The gulaman meanwhile makes the mango jelly layer that is the stunning topper of this no-bake cheesecake. 

Not a fan of mango? Why not try strawberry gelatin layer or even a buko-pandan flavored gulaman layer instead? 

Rainbow Jelly Mousse in glass cups
This rainbow jelly recipe is gulaman topped with a sweet and creamy mousse.
Photo by Aldwin Aspillera

4 Rainbow Jelly Mousse Recipe 

Do you love coffee jelly? It’s that luscious-looking cup of sweet cream with coffee-flavored gelatin cubes. If you love the idea of that but are not a fan of the coffee flavor, this recipe is for you! Fruit flavored, multicolored gulaman cubes replace the coffee jelly in this creamy dessert glass. It takes more effort to creates these gulaman gems but the end result is delicious, fruity, and creamy!  


Mango-Pandan Gulaman and Guinumis

5 Mango-Pandan Gulaman and Guinumis Recipes 

This glass is loaded with chunks of mango, pandan gulaman cubes, and sago with the crushed ice that it’s no longer a beverage you can sip! You’ll need a spoon to scoop out the bits floating in your drink. That’s one of the best things about the gulaman: even when exposed to heat, it doesn’t melt easily and can stand to be in liquids for long periods of time without melding with the other ingredients. This delicious take on the classic sago’t gulaman drink is a keeper! 

The lovely pastel pink drink beside the mango-pandan gulaman called the guinumis is also just as simple and delicious, too! It’s a simple combination of the delicate flavors and textures of gata or coconut milk, red gulaman, sago, and pinipig or toasted puffed rice. All you need to make is the simple syrup to sweeten the drink.  

Minatamis na saging with Sago and Gulaman

6 Sweetened Bananas with Sago and Gulaman Recipe 

Minatamis na saging may just be one of the most underrated desserts. It’s a delicious, sweetened banana dessert dish that deserves a spot on favorite desserts of all time. However, it’s simplicity could be why it’s not as touted as it should be. That’s why this delicious, chunky mix is a smart mix. 

You take the best parts of the minatamis ns saging and combine it with the best parts of the sago’t gulaman drink. What you get a cold, sweetened bowl that’s not quite a halo-halo but it’s not a saging con yelo either. It’s a dessert all on its own, and its delicious, especially if you love saba bananas, sago, and gulaman

Almond Jelly in a bowl


7 Almond Jelly Recipe 

If you drop by Chinese restaurants just for this dessert, you should know that it’s easy to make at home. The hardest thing about this recipe is looking for almond extract and that’s easy to find in the baking section of most major supermarkets. Lychees, or litchis, are just as easy to find, too, with the other canned fruits and vegetables that are readily available all year round! 

If you love this dessert, store these special ingredients in your kitchen all the time together with gulaman so you can make it whenever you crave the dessert but just can’t go out for it. 

What other reason do you need to keep a package or two of gulaman in your kitchen? These no-bake dessert recipes are sure to make you crave a taste. We say, indulge yourself once in a while and let any guests be the recipient of your craving as well when they spontaneously drop by. 


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