These Are Our Easiest No-Bake Desserts To Try ASAP

These are dump, chill, and eat recipes you'll want to make again and again.

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No-bake desserts are the ultimate easy dessert recipes. While these don't require any baking, many require some form of heating up ingredients that you can easily do on the stove or in the microwave. These desserts are nonetheless still relatively easy to make. 

The ingredients of these recipes are also easy to swap out if you don't have a certain fruit, chocolate, or even crushed cookies for that graham cracker crust you originally wanted. (Did you know you can use any crushed cookies for crusts? You can!) In fact, since there are no chemicals (Hello, baking soda and baking powder!) that need to be activated in creating these desserts, the most scientific thing you need to do is determine how to use the gelatin

Once you nail down that task, waiting for it to set and allow your dessert to chill and maybe do some finishing touches to your dessert are the only things left to do. 


Sound easy? These no-bake dessert recipes surely are!  

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1 No-Bake Peanut Butter Banana Cups Recipe 

How can a combination of peanut butter and banana go wrong? We're not sure how it can not be delicious, especially if you're a fan of the two ingredients. This will a breeze to make since these are just crushed cookies made into a crust and a peanutty cream cheese filling that's topped with fresh ripe bananas. Make it even more decadent with a drizzle of chocolate syrup and chopped peanuts on top for good measure. 


You can even make an Oreo cheesecake bars version of this, too! 

Photo by Riell Santos

2 No-Bake Brownies Balls Recipe 

These are so easy, you just need to watch the video of how these balls made of brownies are made to see exactly how easy these are.  

No chocolate? Then, don't coat these in chocolate! Instead, why not use some crushed cookies or either sweet powdered sugar or bitter cocoa powder as a coating. These will taste great no matter what is on the outside! 


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3 Leche Flan Macaroons Recipe Recipe 

If you love the classic leche flan dessert and are a fan of coconut macaroons, too, those two desserts come together to make this hybrid dessert, and it is a phenomenal mashup. You get the creaminess and sweetness from the condensed milk, the earthiness and flavor from the coconut, and you also get the creaminess of the leche flan in between the shredded coconut that melts in your mouth as you savor it.      


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4 No-Bake Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Who said you need an oven to make cookies? In fact, we learned that you can "bake" cookies in a frying pan and you can even make cookies that are microwaved, too! 

Watch how easy these are to make these chocolate oatmeal cookies in this easy video or make balls of these instead of flat cookies.   



Photo by Patrick Martires

5 No-Bake Brownies Recipe 

Would you believe you can make brownies without baking it? This recipe is proof that you can! You can swap out the kinds of nuts you use for this recipe but we love the fact that dates are the sticky ingredient that makes this brownie recipe come together into a delicious mash. We think substituting it with raisins will be a great affordable swap and might be just as delicious, too. We have to try it first to see! 


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6 No-Bake Rocky Road Bars Recipe 

Anyone will love the fact that this is so easy to make. What makes this so easy to make is the fact that you can use any mix-ins you want! Do you love chocolate? Then load it up! Got cookies you need to use up? Crush those and add them in, too. Candy? Marshmallows? Nuts? Feel free to add those in! Just note that you need to coat these all in melted chocolate so load it up with only as much chocolate that you can melt. Then it's a practice of patience for these to be ready to slice and eat.     


Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

7 No-Bake Fruit Cocktail Ref Cake Recipe 

If you have a can of fruit cocktail that you do not want to make into more fruit salad, you don't have to. Instead, why not make a cake that's loaded with the fruity bits but has a layer of sweetened cream. The cream which has softened some broas cookies come together to make a ref cake that's both familiar yet different and definitely delicious and easy to make at the same time. 


Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

8 No-Bake S'mores Bars Recipe 

Chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers are classic ingredients in any s'mores recipe. In essence, it's a camping dessert that involves roasting marshmallows which are squashed between chocolate and graham crackers.

To make these into bars and ultimately more gourmet and homemade, you just need to make a crust using graham cracker crumbs, heat the chocolate with cream to create a simple ganache mixture, and top it with marshmallows which you can char and roast in a toaster but only if you want. Otherwise, top the ganache with the soft marshmallows and let the filling harden before slicing.    




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