Classic Ensaymada Recipes To Try

These enriched breads are sweet, salty, and delicious!

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You may find many recipes that may claim to be no-fail and easy but the truth of the matter is that while an ensaymada recipe as written may be fool-proof, nobody is perfect. When working with yeast, you can make common mistakes. You may forget to check the yeast if it's still alive or heat up the water too much and kill the yeast rather than activating it. You may not have the same yeast as the recipe recommends you use, or you may even have a hard time understanding and following the recipe as its written. 

That's why when it comes to recipes, finding one that is reliable and easy to follow is important. If you're looking for easy ensaymada recipes to try your baking skills on, here are classic ensaymada recipes you can try: 

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1 Traditional Ensaymada Recipe

The original ensaymada is said to be the ones made in Mallorca, Spain. These are not the pillowy soft bread we know and love. The ensaimada de Mallorca has more in common with the French croissant than it does with the cheese and butter ensaymadas at the local bakery that we are familiar with. The traditional ensaymada we know was developed in Pampanga and Bulacan where an enriched dough was used to make the twisted bread. 

If you're looking for the revised recipe that has the soft pillowy texture you love, this recipe is the one to try.  

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2 Ensaymada Recipe 

Sometimes the difference between choosing a recipe over another is the ingredients used. If you don't have bread flour to make the traditional ensaymada recipe, you can swap it out with all-purpose flour and hope for the best results.

The other option is to not test your limited baking skills and try this recipe that has been tried and tested to work with all-purpose flour.   

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Nov 18, 2017

Photo by David Hanson

3 Cheesy Ensaymada Recipe 

If you want a double cheesy ensaymada recipe, you may not need to look further than this recipe. Read through the recipe and you'll see that this enriched bread not only has cheese on top of the buns but it also has some kneaded into the dough as well. If you love cheese, this may be the one that will get you excited to try making ensaymada at home.

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Once you have made your ensaymadas, you may have more than you can eat in one or even two sittings. These are prime ingredients for other recipes! You may want to try transforming any leftover buns that are becoming a little too stale to eat as is into a decadent bread pudding, cube and toast pieces to dip into fondue pots, or simply slice and dip into a beaten egg for a deliciously buttery French toast. 



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