Our Best Tips for Making Filipino-Style Buko Pie at Home

Top your pie with crunchy streusel!

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Buko pie is a treat you often only come across after a quick road trip down South (tip: make a quick pit stop in Laguna and pick up a pie or two!)—but we have tips for making one at home. While buko pie is traditionally topped with pie crust, our baking tips include a fun twist to the classic: crunchy, salty-sweet cheese streusel topping. Here’s a buko pie recipe to guide you through the steps:


This buko pie recipe is easy: a simple crust, delicious filling, and a quick streusel topping!


1 Butter is the secret to a flaky pie crust.


While butter is the secret to a flaky pie crust, a flaky pie crust is the secret to a delicious buko pie! Use cold butter to make your crust, and handle your dough as lightly and quickly as possible so that you don’t overwork the gluten.


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A good pie starts with a good crust! Watch and learn hmake pie crust.


2 Know what kind of coconut meat you need.


You can find fresh buko (young coconut) meat in any major supermarket: it shouldn’t be too soft nor too tough; it has to be just right—meaty yet tender. This way, it’ll bake into a pie that’s firm enough to slice into, and will not be too wet and soft to bake through completely.



3 Explore a local market.


Yes, fresh buko is available in the grocery. The best way to score some awesome coconut meat, however, is to shop in a local wet market near your area! Local coconut vendors know exactly what kind of meat you need to make buko pie.


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Remember: home-cooked is always better.


4 Make your pie topping exciting.


You can opt to cover the top of your buko pie with basic pie crust dough, but you can also opt to be a little adventurous with a crunchy streusel topping. Add cheddar cheese to your streusel to add saltiness to the pie’s flavor profile, too.


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Impress your guests by topping your delicious homemade pie with a pretty lattice top!



5 Bake them in small tart pans.


While you can make one big pie (it’ll be perfect for sharing), baking these pies in small 6-inch tart pans will make them easier to handle and easier to eat. You will end up with a well-browned crust and just enough buko filling in every bite.


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Know which kind of pie crust you should make.

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Bake a homemade pie like a pro!


Tips and recipe originally published in the October 2016 issue of Yummy magazine. Minor edits have been made by Yummy.ph editors. 

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