All The Puto Recipes You Should Bookmark

There are so many kinds of puto. You can find the perfect one for your kind of craving!

Puto, the versatile Filipino kakanin, is delicious. Puto can be a side dish to your pancit or dinuguan, a standalone snack, or a scrumptious dessert. Perhaps because it’s made of rice, just like rice, it’s addicting and goes with everything! Plus, it’s quite easy to make? Here are the recipes you should try! 

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1 Cheese Puto Recipe  

The basic, quintessential cheese puto should be on your list of Filipino recipes you need to try at least once. Give it a little twist with some bacon for added umami! 

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Try this easy version of the classic Filipino cake for a delicious merienda.

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Everyone loves these soft, fluffy and buttery rice cakes with chunks of savory cheese.

Slightly sweet puto is delicious with salty bacon and cheese!

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Sweet + salty is always a flavor combo you'll never get tired of.

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2 Rainbow Puto Recipe   

If you like to go a little extra, especially if there are kids coming over, then they definitely deserve this rainbow puto. 

Here's a puto recipe that you can whip up with the kids!

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Inject your puto with color and cheer with this rainbow-inspired version.

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3 Pandan Puto Recipe  

The simple addition of pandan not only adds a fragrant flavor but also, a bright color to liven up a spread. 

This is classic fluffy puto and cheese with a delicious addition: pandan!

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This is classic fluffy puto and cheese with pandan flavors!

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4 Leche Puto Recipe

Amp up the “dessert” quality of puto by combining it with leche flan. Twice the deliciousness, the chewy cake is a great contrast to the creamy leche flan. Make it into tiny little cakes or make one big cake version! 

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Leche flan meets puto in this delightful, bite-sized Filipino dessert combo.

This recipe is a combination of two Filipino desserts: leche flan and puto.

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This puto and leche flan hybrid is the merienda of your dreams!

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Two Pinoy dessert favorites come together for a treat that's big on flavor and taste.

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5 Brown Sugar or Muscovado Puto Recipe   

Sometimes, the simplest swap can make a huge difference. Changing your sugar into brown sugar or muscovado gives it a more complex sweetness.  

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Have you tried this puto version yet?

The white puto gets a boost of color and flavor from muscovado sugar.

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6 Ube Puto Recipe  

If you love ube, then why not incorporate it into puto? Give the simple flavor a much welcome earthy note. 

Buttery puto in ube flavors? Yes, please!

This is the ultimate puto recipe that's meant to be shared!
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7 Puto Cake Recipe    

Making a huge puto cake isn’t just impressive, it actually makes the process easier! This is perfect for parties. 

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It's topped with a ton of grated cheese!

The best part about puto isn’t just the no-fail deliciousness. It’s also that it’s best shared! Spread some cheer the next time you bring puto to a party! 


What’s your favorite puto recipe? What are your favorite puto combos? Tell us! 


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Puto is a steamed rice cake that is a mainstay in Filipino cuisine.

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Plus, our takes on bibingka, sapin-sapin, and puto made from boxed mixes!

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These Filipino native delicacies, or kakanin, usually show up on our kitchen tables for merienda or dessert. Learn how to make your favorites!

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