These Are The Food Gifts You Can Make This Christmas For As Low As P47!

Give homemade quality gifts people will appreciate!

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We all love Christmas! But let’s be honest: we don't like the exorbitant spending too much. Apart from the non-negotiable noche buena splurge, there’s also the gift shopping. 

The reality, however, is that we all have limited budgets. A limited budget meanwhile doesn’t mean you should settle for substandard quality gifts.

There’s still a way to make meaningful gifts without spending a fortune: bake them something sweet and special! Make sure every single one, from your extended family to your officemates, get a little love from you this Christmas season with these recipes. 

We’ve even done the budgeting for you, so you know that you’ll be sticking well within (and perhaps even below) your budget. Check out these ideas for food gifts you can definitely make to giveaway for Christmas this year.


1 Ube Crinkles 

Bring color and joy to your gifts when you use the vibrant hue of ube as your festive flavor. Your crinkles will be extra special with this twist. Per batch of this recipe makes 20 cookies. You can make multiple batches at once to save time!

Cost: P51/10 cookies

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Ube + crinkles = happiness in a cookie


2 Tin Can Chocolate Cake

Tin Can cakes are quite expensive if you buy them for each of your friends. Make them instead, and you’ll not only be giving your loved ones a gift to remember, but you’re saving on hundreds of pesos. Every batch of this makes 2 cans of cake ready for gifting right away.

Cost: P106/can

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Use a can to bake the most delicious chocolate cake to give to friends, family, and yourself.


3 Chocolate Chip Cookies

We used compound butter for this recipe to bring the price down, and it works just as well! These classics are sure to make anyone smile! Serve it up for Christmas as a freshly baked warm treat that will have the whole house smelling of vanilla and butter notes. To make ahead, simply scoop onto parchment paper and freeze before transferring into a freezer-friendly container. No need to thaw it once you’re ready to bake. Easy! 

Cost: P57/dozen cookies

Make the classic chocolate cookie recipe extra indulgent with dark chocolate.


4 Butterscotch Brownies

Everyone loves butterscotch and the secret is all in the muscovado sugar! Fudgy, sweet, buttery and filled with wonderful caramel flavors—we’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t like butterscotch. Make these easy brownies and pack them in adorable boxes and you are set.

Cost: P54/16 squares

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Treat yourself to a batch of these buttery and rich butterscotch brownies.


5 No-Bake Cookies

No oven? No problem. These delicious chocolate oatmeal cookies don’t need ovens at all! Chocolate-y, creamy, with just the right amount of sweet plus the oatmeal makes it seem healthier than your usual dessert! 

Cost: P47/5-6 large cookies

These easy no-bake cookies are also for the health conscious!

6 Pastimallows

Here’s another no-bake treat you can make! Everyone loves pastillas so add in a delightful mallow center and you’ve instantly got something special fit for the holidays! Look how adorable they are!


Cost: P69/10 pieces

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Your favorite Pinoy snack, pastillas, gets a fun upgrade.

7 Jam-Filled Short Bread Cookies

Choose a festive cookie cutter and pick your favorite jam! Why not try ube, coco jam, or dulce de leche? These delicious cookies will make your intended loved one so happy!

Cost: P54/dozen cookie sandwiches


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These are the perfect cookies for Valentine's... or any other occasion that satisfies your buttery cookie craving.

Instant gift wrapper? We know where to get packaging!

You can find packaging options at baking supplies stores for sure, but a sure bet that’ll make your life much, much easier are these online shops: Chocolate Lover, RM Boxes, The Baking Warehouselove2bake or Honestbee’s baking supplies stores! Not only will you find extra cute options, you will also skip the traffic and avail of bulk prices to help you save.

Want to personalize and make your loved ones extra special? You can print out stickers and cut them out for that extra flair!

We all know that the stomach is the way to the heart, so why not be in everyone’s hearts this holiday? The time, effort and love that you pour into each of these money-saving desserts make it priceless.


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These will be a hit at your Christmas party.

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Start ahead and have more time to enjoy Christmas.

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