You Need These 3 Easy + Quick Giant Cookie Recipes In Your Life

Cap off a meal with a warm giant cookie!

Giant cookies accomplish two things: it satisfies cooking cravings and it just delights the child in you! Who doesn't love seeing giant cookies? These cookies are also meant to be served soft and warm, so it's not like your average cookie. It's meant to give you all sorts of gooey, happy feelings. 


1 Chocolate Skillet Cookie Recipe

This delicious chocolate skillet cookie is topped off with vanilla ice cream!

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2 Matcha and White Chocolate Skillet Recipe

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3 Double Chocolate Skillet Cookie Recipe

When your love for chocolate surpasses that of the average person, you need a double chocolate cookie. This cookie will definitely hit the spot. Top it off with a little bit of rock salt to balance the flavors. 

No skillet? Use a pie tin or pie pan! These cookies actually bake in the oven around the same time it takes you to finish dinner. So you can prepare your dough, and right before beginning your nightly feast, chuck them into the oven. As you eat your dinner, the warm, delicious aroma of these cookies will envelop and excite you.


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