What You Should Look For In Baking Pans

Here's the help you need to choose the right bakeware for you and your oven.

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You may have noticed that baking usually requires baking pans. This specialized equipment should be easy to figure out since recipes normally indicate what size you need to use. However, if you visit the department store or online shop, you'll see there are numerous kinds of baking pans for you to choose from and it's not just a decision about the different sizes that will make you hesitate in your choice. 

If you're wondering what you should be looking for in baking pans, here are the three tips you need to decide upon when choosing: 

Which of these cake pans do you have in your kitchen?
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1 Choose a shape and size for your oven.   

Unfortunately, baking pans come in all shapes and sizes so this is the hardest choice to make. You can go basic and choose round baking pans that is 8 inches all around because this is one of the most common sizes when baking a cake. You can also choose square or rectangular baking pans because you love brownies. The most common sizes are 6 inches, 8 inches, and 10-inches. 

However, before you buy, remember that your oven is the biggest indicator of what size you should be using. If your baking pan doesn't fit inside, it's not practical to choose one that your oven cannot fit inside. 

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2 Pick aluminum, nonstick, silicone, or tempered glass.   

Believe it or not but baking pans do come in at least three different materials. Here's what you need to know: 

Aluminum pans are the most common and most inexpensive pans. These are fantastic because these do not rust. These are easy to use in almost any baking recipe and come in various sizes and shapes. The biggest issue with these pans is the fact that these are soft. These are prone to warping simply by handling these too roughly. The good news is that it can also be easily fixed since the material is so malleable so you can press it back to shape. 

Nonstick pans just like nonstick pans are coated pans. These pans can be made from aluminum or other metal. These too come in various shapes and sizes so the choices are just as limitless as aluminum pans, too. However, that coating can and may chip off just like in frying pan. The other big issue with these pans is that these are the ones prone to rusting. The coating protects the metal underneath but once it comes off, it can lead to the metal rusting if it's not made of aluminum. 


Silicone pans are your best friend when it comes to sticking. These also come in a range of shapes and sizes but are more likely to be the most numerous when it comes to shapes. It's the perfect material for shaped pans like bundt pans and 3D designs but it comes at a cost. It won't brown like it would it were metal and may take longer to bake since silicone doesn't heat up like metal would.

Similar to silicone pans, baking pans can be made of tempered glass. It's important to note that only tempered glass should be used in the oven since any other may not be able to stand the heat. Clay pots and other kiln-baked cookware and bakeware can be used as well but these are rarer compared to tempered glass. Note that these too come in many sizes and normally come in squares, rectangles, and round shapes. These take longer to heat up but it will and can hold heat but like silicone, will unlikely brown the underside of your cakes.   

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3 Springform pans and those with removable bottoms are best for cheesecakes and no-bake desserts. 

Springform pans are special baking pans that have removable bottoms with a hinge or clasp on the side that tightens the sides around that removable bottom. These are perfect for cheesecakes, pies, and no-bake desserts because these are commonly chilled and would be hard to flip over to remove the baked cake inside. These are great to use for baking other cakes too but only use cake batters that are thick enough to not leak from the bottom. 


Baking pans are pretty interchangeable so whether you like the convenience of the silicone or love the browning capabilities of the nonstick bakeware, make a choice and you can easily adjust your baking to meet the needs of the recipe. 



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