This Is the Best (And Easiest!) Way To Clean Your Whisk

You can clean it (fast!) in one easy step.

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Cleaning up after a baking project may just be the hardest thing to do. All those dirty bowls, kitchen gadgets, and measuring cups and spoons pile up while you're busy baking a batch of your classic chocolate cake recipe for a friend's birthday or Nutella brownies for tomorrow's snack.

While bowls, cups, and spoons are all easy to clean, cleaning the whisk with its many tines may be a dishwasher's nightmare. You're going to need to clean between each and every tine so that your next baking project doesn't taste like the previous one. It's a hassle, and it can be frustrating even if you're not a neat freak.

If you've ever been frustrated with the way you clean your whisks, we have got the best baking cleanup trick for you and it means you can easily and quickly clean your whisk in 5 seconds or less.


Here's what you do:


Using one of the bowls you just used to whisk all of your ingredients together, fill it up with the same amount of water as the batter that it previously contained. Add a few drops of liquid dishwashing detergent. Place your dirtied whisk in the bowl of soapy water... and then whisk. Keep whisking until the whisk you're using is completely clean of any batter still stuck to its tines and the bowl of soapy water is now full of suds.

Rinse the whisk and clean the rest of your remaining baking utensils as desired. 


Check your whisk. You'll see there's no need to go between each tine on your whisk and clean it individually. It's that easy, and you can even use this same tip for cleaning your other utensils!

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Now that you know how to easily and effectively, you can look forward to every baking project without dreading how to do the clean up afterward.


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