How To Cook Cassava Cake + Different Ways To Make It

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Not all kakanin are made from rice. Despite the name, some kakanin are in fact no longer made with rice. Some are made with other ingredients, such as the cassava cake which is made with cassava.

Cassava is also known as yuca or kamoteng kahoy. It's the root where tapioca flour is derived from. It is also commonly dried and ground into a flour that you might use to make an easy pichi-pichi that's easy to use. 

You can easily make cassava desserts using the tuber. However, you have to be careful. If you accidentally cook it wrong, you can cause food poisoning upon eating the dessert. That's because the root of the cassava plant, when eaten raw, undercooked, or prepared improperly, can result in cyanide poisoning. Cyanide is a fast-acting poison, which tastes bitter, that can be fatal if not treated immediately. 

The good news is that it's easy to minimize the poison in cassava to levels that is safe enough to be consumed. To properly prepare any food that contains cassava, all you have to do is cook the root completely. It can be baked, cooked, fried, boiled (the water should be discarded), and even roasted. Soaking and rinsing the cassava well in water is another way of minimizing the poison, too.  


If you're confident that you know how to prepare cassava, here are recipes to try: 

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1 Cassava Cake Recipe 

Make a classic delicious cake using this root. This cake is made by grating the cassava, stirring in three kinds of delicious milk, sugar, and eggs. This is baked until the cassava is cooked until tender before a shower of grated cheese is added on top to melt and add a delicious salty contrast to the cake squares.       


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2 Cheese and Ube Cassava Cake Recipe

This cassava cake takes the cake you know and turns it into a trendy and super delicious version. It not only has a salty-sweet cheesy layer melted on top of the cake but it also has a pretty mix of ube or purple yam mixed with the grated cassava of the cake itself. How's that for a great hack on a traditional recipe?     



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3 Pichi-Pichi Recipe 

Cassava is greater and formed into little rounds to make these bite-sized treated. The cassava is steamed and then coated in grated coconut or niyog. It looks like palitaw but it's made with cassava. Mix the sweetness of the cassava with salty by topping it instead of coconut but with grated cheese. There's no need to have this delivered if you can make it yourself.  


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4 Nilupak with Pili Nuts Recipe 

Are you a fan of ube halaya or ube jam? Ube has become the "it" ingredient but if you're adventurous enough to try another tuber to make into halaya, why not try nilupak instead? You can either grate or pound the cassava to create the halaya. This simple swap from ube to cassava creates this creamy and buttery spread that's made extra special with pili nuts stirred in. You'll want to grab a spoon and eat it as is! 


Always prepare and cook cassava carefully so you can enjoy your delicious baked treats in safety.    


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