3 Ways to Easily Divide Your Cake Batter

Don't sweat it!

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Layer cakes are tricky—each cake layer needs to be even and identical, especially when they are going to be stacked up into a tall masterpiece! Here are our best tips to evenly divide that large, heavy bowl of cake batter into your cake pans.


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Coffee and chocolate marry into a delicious, moist cake that's doubly flavorful.


1 Use liquid measuring cups

Start by measuring 1 cup of batter per cake pan, then work your way up. Try not to move your cake batter around as much as possible—it might lose some of the air pockets you worked so hard to create during the prep process!


2 Use an ice cream scoop

The ice cream scoop is the baking tool you never thought you needed. Need a quick fix for evenly dividing a large bowl of buttery cake batter? Reach for your ice cream scoop and use it place measured scoops of batter into your cake pans. Use an offset spatula to spread out the batter evenly.


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Be resourceful in the kitchen and use an ice cream scoop for your baking needs!


3 Use a weighing scale

Not every household has a weighing scale on hand, which is why we placed 2 easier options before listing this one down. Using a weighing scale, however, takes a lot of work out of measuring the batter, and is a good investment for bakers who like being exact in his or her recipes.


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Butter cakes are delicious when they are soft, tender, and full of flavor.

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