You Don’t Need a Recipe to Make Bread Pudding from Scratch

Here’s a non-recipe recipe for homemade bread pudding!

Bread pudding is the answer for your leftover, stale bread dilemma. It can go both ways—either sweet or savory, depending on what kind of bread you have on hand. Sweet bread pudding is an easy make-ahead breakfast while savory bread pudding makes for an excellent side-dish for special dinners.


The simple equation to a homemade bread pudding is: bread + milk + cream + eggs + sugar + salt.


If you’re making a savory pudding, omit the sugar and double up on the salt. Seasoning and add-ons are very welcome! Sweet bread pudding can have a touch of vanilla or cinnamon, and can be served with whipped cream, while savory bread pudding can have a sprinkle of cheese, pepper, and chives in the mix. If it’s your very first time making bread pudding, here’s a simple recipe to guide you through each step:



Here are some of our tips for making bread pudding at home. The best part about all of this is: there is no exact recipe required! When it comes to bread pudding, keep it simple and use your favorite flavors.


1 Choose the right bread. 

Brioche, soft bread loaves, or sweet challah are perfect for sweet bread pudding. If they are stale and dry, they will actually soak up the cream better! If you’re going for a savory bread pudding, use stale rye or whole-wheat bread to pair with savory and salty add-ons.


2 Season boldly!

Don’t hold back on the seasoning, especially when it comes to savory bread pudding. Use a fat pinch of salt, freshly cracked black pepper, salty cheese, and herbs to pack in as much flavors as you can. Have you tried making a bacon and onion bread pudding yet?




3 Let it rest overnight.

Trust us—bread that sits overnight will soak up all the cream, milk, and eggs completely, and will come out extra tasty the next day. The texture will be spot on, too! All you have to do is cover your pan with foil or plastic wrap, leave it overnight, and bake the next morning. If you don’t have enough time on your hands to let it rest overnight, let the bread pudding rest for at least 1 hour before baking and serving.



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