WATCH: How To Make Cakes More Flavorful

These tips guarantee delicious cakes.

There’s a good reason why you should always save room for dessert. Desserts are truly worth the wait, especially if it’s following a fabulous meal. 

Cakes are naturally celebratory in nature, which is why few parties and gatherings go without the mandatory cake. You can make a cake at home that is simple and delicious, and it would be a glorious addition to the festivities. If you make homemade cakes, there are tips you can use to always make it a delicious one. 

Take note of these tips on how to make cake more delicious:

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1 Always add vanilla extract.

Vanilla is the universal dessert flavor enhancer. It heightens, rather than overpowers, the other flavors of your cake. Plus, it makes your cakes super aromatic. 

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2 Add Dutch-processed cocoa.

Also known as alkalized cocoa powder, this is darker, richer in flavor than natural cocoa powder. It’s also a neutral ingredient because of the process it has undergone. This means that unlike natural cocoa powder which is an acidic ingredient, this kind of cocoa powder will not react to other ingredients. This is also the reason why when using natural cocoa powder, you should be using baking soda which will react to its acidic nature and help your cake rise.

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3 Use extracts and flavorings to your advantage.

What’s fantastic about flavorings and extract is its ability to instantly change the flavor of your cake. Be careful however to add just enough as it can be overpowering if too much is used. It’s a concentrated flavor so a teaspoon or even a few drops is all you need to make it delicious.

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4 Add a creamy ingredient.

Not all cakes need to be made creamier but it can be made to taste better with creamy ingredients. Ube halaya, grated cheese, caramel, canned milk, or even a powdered drink can make a cake more flavorful just by making its texture more rich.


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5 Add a layer of flavor.

Not all cakes are layer cakes but those that are present an opportunity to elevate your cake another notch. Add a flavorful and complementary filling between cake layers. Use sticky caramel, chopped fruits, whipped cream, or even more chocolate for a burst of flavor that’s in every bite.

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6 Cover it in a tasty frosting.

Cakes need to be made presentable so how better than to coat it in a creamy frosting? Whip up a cream cheese frosting, strawberry-flavored buttercream, or either pour ganache over the entire cake or let it drip down the sides for a stunning presentation.



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