WATCH: You Won't Be Able To Resist These Caramel Cupcakes

Your cupcakes just got extra gooey and buttery sweet.

If a buttery and moist cupcake is what you're looking to make, you're going to want to make these caramel cupcakes. 

Caramel is an easy and delicious sweet sauce that has many uses when it comes to dessert. It's deceptively easy to make, once you get the hang of being vigilant when melting the sugar. Once you learn that, it's just a matter of adding the rest of the ingredients and whisking away until you have a gooey, thick, and luscious sauce that you can drizzle onto anything and everything that could use a touch of its buttery sweetness. 

Making cupcakes out of them is just one of the many ways you can infuse butter, caramelized sugar, and cream into one sweet bite. This recipe is easy to make and uses the caramel in both the frosting as well as the topping! You'll want to drizzle the caramel onto each cupcake before serving so each cupcake bite is a luscious and delicious bite. Check out the recipe below! 

Sweet with a touch of salty and a whole lot of butterscotch flavor.

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