You Can Make Rock Salt And Cheese (RSC) Milk Tea At Home

Complete your homemade milk tea experience with your fave toppings and sinkers.

We're all guilty about our obsession with milk tea.  The flavors, the sweetness, the hint of caffeine, the creaminess, the sinkers-they're all just so good. Milk tea has a way of satisfying our taste buds and relieving our stress that nothing else can. We're just not giving it up! The only way to cut down on our milk tea budget is to make it ourselves!

Of course, just having plain brewed tea and milk isn't the complete milk tea experience you're craving for. What we really want are the customizations: the pearls, the pudding, the cream cheese topping, and more! That's what takes it up a notch. Good news is that you don't have to miss out on the pleasures of milk tea if you're trying to save money.

Have as much as you want when you make it at home.
Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

One decadent milk tea topping that you can totally make at home? This creamy mousse topping made of delicious, cream cheese! It's the perfect salty-sweet topping that complements a good brew of bitter tea.

You can try topping it onto your green tea, matcha, iced coffee, or iced cocoa. It's best to drink without a straw so you can just sip and indulge in the delicious, creamy mousse. But who are we stop you? If you want to stir it in for a cheesy milk-shake like quality, go ahead and shake it.

Other toppings you can have at home are sago, red beans, nata de coco, canned coffee jelly, canned lychee jelly, and canned grass jelly. If you're looking for the big, chewy tapioca pearls, you can find them at Wonderbake, Megamall.

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