WATCH: How To Make Cheesy Ensaymada

This soft and cheesy bread will win everyone over!

The ensaymada is always a crowd favorite. It's a sweet bread that is made with an enriched dough, meaning that there is more added to the bread that just yeast, water, and flour. That might mean eggs and butter were added and some of the water was replaced with fresh milk. This enriched bread dough recipe contains all of those ingredients plus more. It also includes sugar, a little honey, powdered milk, egg yolks, butter, and grated cheese

YES. We added cheese on top, but we also added it into the dough, too! We used processed cheese in the dough so it would mix well with the dough, but the cheese on top? We used queso de bola or Edam cheese. If you love an ensaymada that's buttery, sweet, and very cheesy, these are most definitely the ensaymada buns you want to indulge in! 

If you are one of those people who learn better and easier if you can see how things are done, this recipe video should help you see how easy it can be to make at home. For the full recipe, here it is: 


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You might also be wondering what to use to form your ensaymada at home. This is what we used: 

These muffin tins are covered in a nonstick coating.
Photo by Roselle Miranda
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We used this nonstick muffin tin with fluted sides. This kind of baking cup gave the ensaymadas its classic pretty fluted sides, but it also has a nonstick coating which ensured that the buns didn't stick to the tin. Plus, it also has nice tall sides that resulted in a tall ensaymada that has plenty of room to rise and become fluffy from the inside, up. 


However, if you don't have or can't find this version that we used in our version, you can also use another kind of baking tin. This is available in many places, including your local department stores: the mamon tin. 

This is the baking tin to use for mamon and ensaymadas.
Photo by Roselle Miranda

This is actually the classic baking tin that ensaymadas are formed and made in. These also have nice fluted sides but are lower, so the buns will rise up but also out, resulting in wider buns than tall. 

If you have none of these but have a baking tray, just form the curled balls of dough. If you have a cupcake tray, that works, too! Just make smaller portions of the dough balls, as much as half depending on the side of your cupcake tray cups, so it doesn't rise too much above your tray.  

Whichever baking tin you choose to use, you can be assured that these homemade ensaymadas will be gorgeous and delicious this Christmas. 



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