COOKING WITH NEWBIES: How To Make Chocolate Chip Cookies

He has zero baking skills but he made these special cookies with ease.

If you have never baked before, there are baking recipes that can boost your confidence because of the ease with which it can be made. These no-fail recipes are easy and delicious. 

For this episode of Cooking with Newbies, we bring back cooking expert Idge Mendiola, a former Yummy magazine editor, recipe developer, and writer, and he makes cooking newbie and theater actor, JV Ibesate, take on a role he's never tried before: a baker. 

Idge shows JV that he doesn't have to act when making something delicious in the kitchen. He will get to make and taste his version of this incredibly nutty cookie, and it's going to be delicious. This nutty cookie recipe is incredibly easy to make, whether you're using an electric stand mixer or mixing it by hand. It's an amazing cookie recipe that may taste nutty but doesn't actually contain any nuts at all. 

How is this done without any nuts? 


JV learns the secret to making these cookies nutty without nuts, and it all begins with how the butter he uses for the recipe is prepared. All it takes is for the butter to be browned. Browned butter is a French technique that Idge shows JV to make on the stove. This extra step is the crucial ingredient that makes this chocolate chip cookie recipe different from other chocolate chip cookies like it. 

These chocolate chip cookies are made with brown butter.
Photo by Bianca Laxamana
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The kind of chocolate that you can use makes another difference. JV was presented with the usual dark chocolate chips, colorful candy-coated chocolate bits, and 60% cacao bars. A few taste tests later, he decides to use them all to make it truly his kind of chocolate chip cookies

One whiff of the incredibly aromatic butter he browned proved to JV that this cookie would taste as delicious as it smelled. It did. The chocolate just pushed the delicious factor over the top once he finally took a bite. You can totally do the same thing JV did! Here's the recipe so you can tweak the recipe, too, to your liking: 


Want to try if you can cook browned butter, too? Try these brown butter dessert recipes: 

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