How To Make Better Cookies + Cookie Recipes To Try

Chocolate chip cookies are delicious but you can make it better with these tips.

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Chocolate chip cookies are naturally delicious. It's the cookie recipe that you might naturally think of when you hear the word.

If you have made cookies before, you might be thinking of making a big batch or just want to make the cookie dough so you can have a stash that's ready to bake in a few minutes. Cookie recipes are can be as varied as there are stars in the night sky. One thing is certain is that many cookie recipes share ingredients and procedures that are similar. It's the flavors, the mix-ins, and the tweaks that make cookies different from each other.  

How to make cookies better while making sure it is a recipe that you can make at home is achieved with these useful cookie baking tips:  

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1 Buy the quality ingredients you can afford. 

Using real butter matters most when baking cookies with fewer ingredients. Butter cookies, like lengua de gata and sugar cookies, have few ingredients but are notorious for being difficult to work with because these melt at room temperature. However, it's worth every bite when the buttery flavor is what you're after. 

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2 Prepare your ingredients ahead of time. 

Since some ingredients are chilled or stored in the refrigerator, you might need to prepare at least 1 hour before you start baking. The butter needs to be softened while eggs need to warm to room temperature, so egg whites can whip airier and the eggs can combine better with the butter and the other ingredients of your cookie dough. Meringue cookies especially benefit from warm egg whites.   

On the flip side, cream might need to be chilled as do bowls and whisks for whipping it into whipped cream later. You might need to freeze ingredients more solid than normal, such as the butter for making crusts and shortbread cookies like alfajores.


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3 Always remember to check the oven settings. 

If you are already experienced in baking the cookie recipe, you might already know the proper oven settings and how long it will take for your oven to preheat properly. However, if you're trying out a new cookie recipe, the temperature might be different and even the equipment you will use might have changed, too. Always check the oven settings so you're not baking your cookies in too hot or too cool an oven. The heat setting will matter with regards to the final cookie. 

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4 Chill the cookie dough. 

If you can practice patience, you should, especially since the cookies will benefit from a chill in the refrigerator. Just one hour can make a difference in the texture of your cookie. It can mean the difference between a flat, crispy cookie and a chewy cookie that stands tall.  

Not only will chilling the dough make better cookies but it gives you the option to make cookies ahead of time. You can make the dough and pop it in the refrigerator until chilled through and hardened, 1 hour up to 24 hours for that first chill if desired. Place these cookie dough balls in freezer bags or lidded containers to keep until a craving hits. When ready to bake, add an additional 3 to 5 minutes to the baking time, depending on the size of the cookie dough ball. Cookie dough freezes well and can be made and frozen for up to six months.


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5 Let the dough rest. 

Have you ever noticed that cookie dough is easier to roll and work with after the first batch has been baked? If you have, then you probably allowed the dough to rest. Just like when cooking meat, letting the dough rest allows the flour to more fully absorb the wet ingredients it was mixed with and being to develop better flavor. 

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6 Bake on parchment for easy cleanup. 

When you make your cookie dough, scoop cookie dough balls onto parchment paper for less cleanup later. This ensures that the cookies never stick to the pan, and the parchment will allow you to reuse the sheet, too. Parchment also make it easy if you only have one baking sheet to use for baking cookies. You can slide one sheet filled with baked cookies with another sheet with cookie dough balls easily.  


Which of these cookie tips are you thinking will make a difference in your cookie baking method? 


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