WATCH: How To Make Easy Corn Puto

We all love puto. These little rice cakes were probably one of the first kakanin you tasted, and it's just as good now or even better than it was then. 

This Filipino steamed rice cake recipe is really just a less glamorous version of a cupcake or even a muffin. It's also very versatile. Puto can be served with savory dishes, especially if the dish is the Filipino blood stew, dinuguan

However, it doesn't have to be a side dish. It can be a dessert, too. 

One way to make this a delicious end to your meal is to amp up the sweetness. You can even stir in other flavors to make it taste different from your usual puto recipes, such as buko pandan, muscovado sugar, or even ube-flavored puto. 

Make it sweet with a touch of corn. In this recipe, we use canned creamed corn and sweet corn kernels to make it not only taste like corn, but each bite into the puto also has actual corn in it. 


If you love puto but you also love corn, this is the puto you need to make.  

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May 20, 2019

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