This Is How To Get That Crinkly Top On Brownies

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Are you a fan of brownies? Then you know what we mean when brownies with a crinkly top seem extra special. That crinkly top is a mystery to some bakers since it's hard to create. Sometimes, that flaky, crinkly top just doesn't appear after the brownies are baked! 

To get the crinkly top on brownies, there's a step that you may or may not know you are doing incorrectly: not beating the eggs and sugar enough.  

Note that it's actually a combination of whipped eggs and sugar. Basically, how much you stir this mixture before you add the flour is important. There are two things that need to happen at this step: 

  1. 1 Whip the eggs whites until frothy. 
  2. 2 Melt the sugar granules. 

This step is necessary because you not only create the frothy layer that will start up the crinkly top but also the sugar will dissolve. 

Take a page from an egg pie recipe. Have you ever made an egg pie? Then you know that the top is only achieved if you whip up some egg whites and leave the whipped and foamy eggs white on top. These foamy egg whites dissolve under the heat of the oven and creates a delicate layer on top that makes egg pie so distinct from a regular custard pie. 

This golden layer on top of your egg pie is important to making brownies, too.
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However, there's more to the crinkly top on brownies than this layer on egg pies. It's crispy, almost flaky, too, which is not the same as the topping on egg pies. What makes it crispy and flaky? The sugar. It's the melted sugar and the whipped eggs that create this layer. That's why it is important to make sure that the eggs are mixed in well and the sugar is stirred in enough so that the granules melt. 


The heat of the butter and the melted chocolate help in melting the sugar. It will also help cool the mixture down enough so that the eggs do not cook and create scrambled egg bits in your brownie. 

Now that you know how to make a crinkly topped brownie, here's what you do: 

  • 1 Prepare your brownie ingredients and equipment as the recipe directs. 
  • 2 Before the eggs and sugar are combined, mix the sugar well so the granules are more fully dissolved before the eggs are added.  
  • 3 When the eggs are added to the sugar mixture, whisk the eggs into the mixture well. 
  • 4 Add the flour, any other dry ingredients, and mix-ins as indicated in the recipe. 
  • 5 Bake. 

Need more help with our brownie recipe? Read on to learn more tips and tricks that you might need the next time you decide to make brownies: 



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