This Is The 5-Ingredient Cookie You Should Make

This easy cookie will blow your mind.

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Have you been making leche flan lately? If you have, you either saved the egg whites that you didn't need after making the leche flan or you threw it out, not knowing a need or reason to save it. 

If you saved those egg whites (You can freeze egg whites since these keep for months!), you can make some amazing cookies. If you didn't save those egg whites, you will soon know a reason to save those egg whites from now on. 

That's because if you're not making a brazo de Mercedes using all those egg whites that many people discard after making leche flan, you are going to need a good reason to keep those egg whites. We think we have the perfect excuse: You can use those egg whites to make these 5-ingredient, gooey chocolate meringue cookies

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These little clouds of speckled white and brown clouds are made of egg whites whipped until stiff, sweetened with sugar, and then flavored with vanilla and some good, earthy cocoa powder. These are quite easy to make if you know how to properly whisk egg whites. The payout is only dampened by the sheer amount of time it takes to make these cookies. However, the waiting time can be made more productive making a batch of really good coffee and watching an episode or two of your favorite show.       

First, you'll need to know how to make perfectly gooey and stiff egg whites or more specifically, meringue. The trick to whisking egg whites until stiff properly is learning the signs of when you reach that stage. You can tell it's stiff if the tip of the whisked egg whites doesn't droop at all when the whisk is turned upside down. Once you have that, folding in the rest of the ingredients and baking it all that's left to do. 

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This easy 5-ingredient dessert recipe is actually a popular bakery staple with a twist. The twist is the addition of cocoa powder to simple yet gooey and delicious meringue cookies. Here's the recipe: 

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