WATCH: This Is How You Make An Easy Devil's Food Cake

Chocolate lovers know that the ultimate chocolate cake has to be the chocolate cake called the Devil's Food cake. Called Devil's Food for its intensely dark chocolate flavor in a dense cake that's soft and incredibly moist, this cake looks impressive enough to serve to any gathering. 

We sliced the top off so we could easily top it with a lightly whipped cream topping that wouldn't fall off but you can certainly frost this cake with a more traditional marshmallow frosting or even, a dark chocolate ganache that would boost the already sinful quality of this cake to chocolate nirvana levels. 

Just two things to keep in mind before you start this recipe:

One, you may want to use a mixer but we think you should ditch the electric mixer and hand mix this cake batter. You'll find out why hand mixing is better when you mix the dry and the wet ingredients together. 


Two, there will be a moment or two when you think you've failed miserably. It will look like mud. It will look like mud in a dirty puddle. However, don't stop mixing!! This recipe is all about believing the cake will be a success, and we promise it will in the end.

Now that you have conquered those fears, let us assure you that you will love how easy this chocolate cake is to make! It's a deep, dark, and rich chocolate cake made easy that tastes sinfully delicious. You won't need another chocolate recipe after trying this one!

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Here's the recipe:  

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