WATCH: Let These Meringue Cookies Put You In The Mood For Christmas

These are chewy on the inside, crunchy on the outside, and gorgeous all over.


You can't miss out on making these treats this holiday season! Whether you're already in the mood for Christmas or not yet feeling the cheery vibe, you can't deny these pretty red-swirled meringue cookies are too cute. 

If you've ever had to make leche flan and wondered what to do with all the egg whites, we hope you stored all those whites in the freezer because these are the perfect cookies to make with those excess ingredients! Best of all, these meringue cookies only really need one other ingredient to make apart from the egg whites: sugar. It's what makes these cookies sweet.

To make these cookies even more irresistible, you can sandwich chocolate-hazelnut spread between two cookies. If you're the DIY type, go ahead and make the chocolate ganache! It's easy and oh-so-delicious. It's just another two main ingredients to make and delicious sandwich cookies are made. 

So, even if all you have is sugar on hand and all those egg whites you wisely saved from those leche flan projects, you can definitely make these cookies. Add in the other ingredients to make it foolproof and meringue cookies are just a few short hours away. Here's the recipe:  



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