This Easy Hack Will Help You Make Fluffier Pancakes

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Pancakes are the breakfast plates we love to order when we want something sweet instead of savory for our morning meal.

While we have boxed pancake mixes to help us through the recipe, if you need your pancake fix and don't have an instant pancake boxed mix on hand, you can make pancake batter from scratch with a few key ingredients: all-purpose flour, some fresh milk, an egg, oil or melted butter, a little salt, and some baking powder. 

These ingredients should result in fluffy pancakes but there are sometimes some hiccups when we make something from scratch. One of the first things you need to do when putting a batter together is to check the baking powder. This is your leavener, the ingredient that should guarantee your pancakes puff up to fluffy heights. 

However, did you know that there are ways to make sure that your pancakes are as fluffy as it can possibly be? The most common way is to separate the egg into the yolk and the white, and whisk the egg whites to stiff peaks before folding this in to give your pancake some added puffiness. 


There is another way to get it as fluffy as it can be without exerting too much effort. It involves two steps. Here's what you need to do:   

Use all-purpose cream instead of fresh milk to make your DIY buttermilk.
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1 Use homemade buttermilk using all-purpose cream. 

If you have ever needed buttermilk for a recipe and made the DIY version of it, you know that the recipe for this homemade buttermilk is composed of just two ingredients: fresh milk and an acid. The acid is usually vinegar or a citrus juice such as lemon juice or calamansi juice, and it is this acidic ingredient that reacts to the milk to create the thickened mixture. This will add even more fluffiness to the pancake batter. 


By using cream instead of milk, you will create a much thicker buttermilk mixture than if you used the more liquid fresh milk. It's this heft that will create more tender pancakes together with the next step.    


Separate the egg yolk from the egg white.
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2 Separate the egg white and just stir it in. 

This step was first proposed by Dana Velden on The Kitchn in her 2016 recipe "The Best Pancake Recipe: Lofty Buttermilk Pancakes". She claims that despite all previous knowledge that the fluffiest pancakes require egg whites beaten to stiff peaks and folded into pancake batter will produce the fluffiest pancakes, she discovered that this isn't the case. 


Her secret, as a friend told her, was to just add the egg whites into the pancake batter without beating it to stiff peaks first. Not only are the resulting pancakes still fluffy, the batter will also be much easier to make since you didn't have to do anything to the egg whites except separate it from the egg yolks. 

Care to try these two tweaks? 

Here are pancake recipes you can try these hacks on: 

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