This Is How To Make The Creamiest Leche Flan Using Powdered Milk

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Sweet and creamy leche flan that also has the browned bitter-sweetness of the caramelized sugar on top is always a great dessert. 

Many have learned the trick to make their version of the creamiest and the silkiest leche flan. Famed pastry chef Heny Sison shared her own leche flan recipe and is easy to follow for many bakers and even first-time leche flan makers.

However, we discovered a delicious twist that makes a creamier, richer tasting leche flan using powdered milk. What is unique about this swap is that this is the perfect substitute for evaporated milk because it's a dry, shelf-stable ingredient that we think should also be a kitchen staple. Plus, should you ever run out of evaporated milk, it is a milk substitute that you can easily make. 

You can use powdered milk to make a delicious milk substitute for evaporated milk.
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To make the creamiest, richest leche flan, we swapped out the evaporated milk and used full-cream powdered milk. We used warm water to easily dissolve the dry milk. The result was a more homogenous mixture that didn't curdle nor separate.      

Here are the ingredients we used: 

  • 10 large egg yolks
  • 1 cup warm water + 3/4 cup full-cream powdered milk
  • 1/2 cup condensed milk
  • 2 strips lemon zest, optional

The lemon zest is completely optional but totally recommended, especially if you don't have the zest of calamansi or dayap to add. Then, it was covered with foil and steamed as per usual. You can also bake this, covered, with a water bath in the oven. Cool then chill until cold before serving. 

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You'll find the result is going to be a delicious and decadent leche flan that you didn't think you could make using powdered milk.  


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