Here's How You Can Make Maja Blanca Without Coconut Milk

Gata isn't essential to make a creamy maja blanca recipe.

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How to make maja blanca without coconut milk means you have the option to use other kinds of milk to make a creamy maja blanca recipe.

This popular Filipino dessert is usually made with coconut milk or cream, sweet kernel corn, sugar, and cornstarch. It may or may not have two kinds of corn in it: the kernels of corn and the creamed corn version. Using the creamed corn in addition to the kernels boosts not only the corn flavor of the dessert but gives it an extra dose of creaminess. If you love corn, this extra ingredient is what will make it super delicious! 

For those who love maja blanca but find it's hard to source coconut milk or coconut cream in the supermarkets, you can make it without using gata. So you don't have to go without your fix when the craving hits, here are other kinds of milk you can use for your maja blanca recipe:

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1 Evaporated milk 

This creamy reduced milk is a Pinoy kitchen staple for good reason. This super creamy milk is made by simmering and evaporating excess water and results in a slightly thickened and cooked milk. This is one of the ingredients that make leche flan so lusciously creamy so if you want to mimic that texture, this is one ingredient to try.  


Use the same amount as stated in the recipe for the coconut milk. 

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2 Sweetened condensed milk 

Omit the sugar in your maja blanca recipe when you use this milk substitute. It's sometimes confused with evaporated milk and is also just listed as "condensed milk". Some may not realize until too late just how sweet this canned milk really is! It's a fantastic ingredient that delivers both the creaminess of milk and the sweetness of sugar so if you swap this for the coconut milk, hold the sugar. You may find you don't need it at all.   

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3 Fresh milk and all-purpose cream 

Fresh milk from bottles straight from the farm is perfect for maja blanca. Even milk from the tetra packs you find on supermarket shelves would work fine in your recipe. However, you may find it's not as thick or as creamy as you would like. If you want an even creamier texture for your maja blanca, stir together into the milk the same amount of all-purpose cream to equal the amount needed for the coconut milk, so the substitute milk mixture becomes thicker, creamier that is similar to gata. 

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4 Powdered milk 

You have to love the versatility of powdered milk! All you have to do is dissolve this dried milk in water, and you instantly have milk ready to be used in whatever recipe you have in mind to make. This is exactly the case if you want to make maja blanca recipes without coconut milk. Plus, you can make it as creamy and thickened as you need it to be, too.


As a basic recipe, try using this ratio of powdered milk to water to create delicious milk: mix together 3 tablespoons powdered milk to 1 cup water.    

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5 Nut milk 

Are you a fan of all things plant-based? If coconut milk isn't available, there is always nut milk. Soaking almonds and cashews until softened makes them easy to transform into something you can drink that is like milk. This is especially useful if you can't find coconut milk in stores and your stash of nut milk is available to use. Just use the same amount of nut milk as you would coconut milk for this easy swap.   



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