COOKING WITH NEWBIES: How To Make No-Bake Rocky Road Bars

Make this easy chocolate snack at home.

Not all desserts need to be baked! Sometimes just a little heat is all you need. For no-bake desserts, you may need to chill ingredients overnight, melt gelatin in hot water, whip heavy cream until it reaches soft or stiff peaks, fold the mixture together until well mixed, and chill the entire thing overnight so it will stiffen enough to be able to hold its shape. 

Desserts such as these can be made even easier! The key to these desserts is a part ingenuity and a little part know-how. That's what Von Gallardo, account manager and kitchen newbie, learned to do with the help of our kitchen expert and food editor Roselle Miranda. 

For this episode of Cooking with Newbies, Roselle presented Von with a choice instead of telling him what he would make that day: Von was asked to choose between two very different dishes: a pasta dish and a chocolate dish. Von didn't know what he would be making and the mystery boxes containing the ingredients were his only clues. 


Von loves chocolate cake apparently so his choice had to be the chocolate recipe. He wasn't disappointed. There was so much chocolate! The recipe was the No-Bake Rocky Road Bars recipe. It's a great snack for anyone who loves chocolate because there really is a lot of chocolate used in the recipe. The entire dessert is glued together by the chocolate! 

Von learned how to melt chocolate even without that special pot called the double boiler. All he needed was a small saucepan and a bowl large enough to fit on top without touching the water.  


This no-bake dessert is also incredibly versatile. Don't like marshmallows? Don't add it in! Mix different kinds of cookies instead of the digestive cookies. Stir in peanuts as well as cashews, almonds, and even chocolate-covered nuts for a delicious nutty crunch! You can even add dried coconut, cranberries, or even chocolate-covered raisins for a fruit and nut bar that is homemade! 

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The possibilities are endless with this dessert because as many mix-ins you want to add into the chocolate, the more chocolate you'll need to glue it all together. Want to learn how to make this, too? Here's the recipe: 


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