COOKING WITH NEWBIES: How To Make Nutella Brownies

What does it take for someone with no experience to bake a delicious dessert? We think we found it in the form of Nutella. 

We knew we had a winning dessert reicpe when we mixed brownies with Nutella, a rich and decadent chocolate hazelnut spread. What's even better than this dessert recipe being so delicious, is the fact that it's also an easy dessert to make, too. That's exactly what kitchen newbie Anya Reyes, brand strategy manager, discovered when she was the latest guest on's Cooking with Newbies

She describes herself as "a human being with zero experience in the kitchen." What she does know she likes is to eat and one of the food that she likes is Nutella. 

What did Anya learn to make? Nutella brownies. These brownies are decadent, chocolate-hazelnut flavored squares that we think is going to be hard to resist. 

These brownies are infused with the chocolate-hazelnut flavor of Nutella, and each square is an intensely delicious bite.
Photo by Riell Santos

Anya did a fantastic job following the recipe along with food editor Roselle Miranda, and she also learned that baking brownies from scratch, not from a mix, can be easy and delicious. Plus, she learned that a simple decoration using a bag and a knife can transform the look of a simple brownie into a stunning dessert that she won't be ashamed to serve for special occasions like a Christmas party. 

Do you too need to try and taste this brownie for yourself? Here's the recipe:



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