WATCH: You'll Be Dreaming About These Egg Tarts Tonight!

Egg pies are a panaderia staple! What's so great about it is that you can buy it by the slice. Since you don't have to pay for an entire pie every time you drop by, it's the weekly indulgence that's delicious and totally affordable. 

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However, did you know there's another type of egg pie? It's got a flakey crust and is actually a little burnt on top. This is the Portuguese egg tart

Also known as the pastel ne nata, it was originally made by monks in Portugal. It was allegedly brought to Southeast Asia (and here) via Hong Kong from Macau which was colonized by Portugal. However it came to our shores, it's a great little snack that is a favorite among those who love delicate custard-based desserts.  

To make this version, a flakey pie crust is first made and baked before being filled with the creamy custard. What makes this recipe a little different from other recipes is that this is made with condensed milk instead of plain sugar. That results in a creamier custard that is tailored for our palate. 


If you love egg pies, then you just have to try this egg tart recipe to fall in love with it, too.  

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May 30, 2016

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