WATCH: Make This Crispy Roast Pork Belly For New Year's Eve

This crisp roast pork belly has crunchy golden-brown skin and scrumptious meat.

Make your pork belly extra crunchy: boil then bake the pork belly until the skin is a golden, delicious golden color. The thick and juicy meat gets plus points, too. This is a delicious and show-stopping way to feed a crowd! 

This is how to make your roast pork belly crispy!

Add this pork dish to your New Year's Eve or Media Noche spread: it will make everyone ask for seconds! 


Coat it in a fiery marinade to give it some heat!

At your next family get-together, crown your table with sumptuous roast pork.

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This homemade pork belly recipe might be even better than any lechon you can buy.

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