How To Make Sans Rival Super Delicious

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The Sans Rival cake is a luscious, nutty, and unrivaled cake made of layers of cashews-loaded meringue covered in a rich buttercream. Learn how to make the recipe with these tips: 

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1 Use the whole egg. 

Did you know that the classic sans rival cake uses the whole egg? It does! You don't need just the egg whites. You need both the white and the yolk. The egg whites are used for the meringue to create the cake layers while the egg yolks are used to make a French buttercream.

A French buttercream is a classic frosting recipe that is similar to the Swiss or Italian buttercream. However, instead of using egg whites, it uses the egg yolks instead to make the base mixture before the butter is mixed in.  

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If you save egg whites when you make leche flan, this is the perfect recipe for you to make. While you might miss the flavor and the color of the classic version, it will still be super delicious. It's okay for you to opt to use all egg whites for the entire recipe. 

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2 Make the meringue right. 

You'll need to know how to whip egg whites right to get the best meringue. It's best to separate egg yolks from the egg whites when it's cold but the best egg whites to whip to stiff peaks is warm egg whites. To help the meringue be even more stable while you're whipping it up to peaks, add 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar per 4 egg whites, so it whips to its fullest possible height. 


No cream of tartar? You can use any of these substitutes:

  • • calamansi juice
  • • lemon juice
  • • vinegar 

A good tip to remember is to use about 1/4 teaspoon acidic liquid per 1 large egg white you use. Add it in just before you start whipping. 

Once the egg whites are at soft peaks, add the sugar gradually with a tablespoon. We recommend caster sugar, also known as superfine sugar, but you can also use regular granulated sugar. Just whip the egg whites enough so that the sugar dissolves to avoid having crunchy grains in the meringue. 

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3 Chop the nuts but not too finely.  

The best kind of sans rival is the kind that has nuts that you know is actually there. Chopping the nuts yourself is usually best but restrain yourself from chopping the nuts too finely. That's why when you purchase the pre-chopped cashews at your local baking supply store, the chunks are fairly large.

Just fold these chopped nuts into the meringue once done whipping. 

If you love nuts, the good news is that you don't have to stop at cashews! Pistachio sans rival is the ultimate nutty indulgence but you can use walnuts or even peanuts for a less pricey version, too, that's still delicious.


4 Bake it long and slow. 

The biggest drawback to making sans rival is the time it takes to bake the layers. If you're making many layers, or more layers than your oven can fit, it can take hours to bake all the layers you need to make a stunning. However, this long and slow baking is the key to the best meringue layers you will bite into. 

So, learn to set aside enough time to make the layers you want, whether it's just 2 hours for a modest 4 meringue layers or the entire day for a tall and stunning cake.  

Photo by Patrick Martires

5 Make the French buttercream properly.  

The most irresistible part of the sans rival is really the combination of the meringue and the buttercream. It's so important to take the time to make the buttercream properly as well as the meringue. 

To make a no-fail French buttercream, remember that you have to temper and pasteurize the egg yolks over simmering water together with the sugar. Heat it up over the hot water while whisking to prevent scrambled eggs until around 140 degrees F or 60 degrees C to safely pasteurize the yolks. Once out, whip it up until cooled enough to around room temperature so you can add the cubed butter without melting it.   

Photo by Patrick Martires

6 Assemble then chill overnight.

Once you have your meringue layers and the buttercream, time to assemble. Layer it up starting with the meringue then cover with buttercream. Add more chopped nuts in the middle for extra crunch if desired. Keep layering until you're out of layers. 

Then, remember to chill it thoroughly before slicing. The best sans rival is served cold, where you can see the layers that you're going to be savoring.  

The best kind of cake is the kind that elicits memories of delight with every bite. Let your sans rival be such a cake with these tips which we know will come in handy when you make it at home. 



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